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  1. Hello We have tried to sign the code using your links on the web but we could not sign it on Mac. For windows we either did not try. We struggled in setup in XCODE-Beta the right projects. We used «macOS -> Generic Kernel Extension». Then we pointed to our existing plugin made with ScriptMaster. We could see the general tab now and the signing&capabilities tab. Here we did the settings. We then opened the tab Build Phases. We needed to use the +sign and add «New copy file phase». We used in the dropdown «Absolute Path and made the settings. But we struggled in how to set the path under name where we needed to check «Code Sign on Copy» We then hot the Run Arrow Button and the message «Build Suceeded» open-end. We could not found the new build plugin nowhere and in Terminal we see the message Philipps-MacBook-Pro:Neuer Ordner philipphofstetter$ codesign --verify --verbose=4 fmPROVE.fmplugin fmPROVE.fmplugin: invalid Info.plist (plist or signature have been modified) In architecture: x86_64 We are completely in the dark since we are not full fledged programmers. We need your support in order to become that fixed. If you wish we can arrange a Teamvier session where you can come to our system. Thank you for a feedback and kind regards Philipp
  2. Hello I could not understand how to do this. I downloaded Xcode, a 7.7 Gb heavy file but I could not found how to proceed. The instructions on the link you provided are not clear to me. Can you please send me a step by step instruction how to do this task? How to sign a Mac plugin through Xcode? Can we sign also the windows plugin through this process? If no, how to do this? Can you offer a service where we can sign our plugins easily? I guess that many of the Filemaker developers are struggling here also. Kind regards Philipp
  3. Hello We updated to Filemaker 18 Server and we are using a Custom PlugIn made by ScriptMaster 5.2. On the Filemaker Server 18 the PlugIn can not be loaded. What we need to do for using the PlugIn on MacOs and Windows Server? Kind regards Philipp
  4. Hi The sample Files works also on my side. I am using a shell script to start a python script on a windows server. That worked perfectly before the upgrade to Sierra. No need anymore for a solution. I switched to a other Plugin Base-Elements that works perfectly. Regards Philipp
  5. Hi There After Update to MacOS Sierra the RunShellScripts throws an error and opens a Apple Crash Error. Do you have any solution to this? We have installed Java 8 Update 101 Here the binning of the error dup: -------------------------------------- Process: FileMaker Pro [3368] Path: /Applications/FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced/FileMaker 15 Pro Advanced.app/Contents/MacOS/FileMaker Pro Identifier: FileMaker Pro Version: 15.0.1 (15.0.1) Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: FileMaker Pro [3065] Responsible: FileMaker Pro [3368] User ID: 502 Date/Time: 2016-09-25 09:59:50.345 +0200 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.12 (16A323) Report Version: 12 Anonymous UUID: FBACCE35-E01B-F253-63F1-3A47574A1E5E Sleep/Wake UUID: 61F0854C-CDDF-4672-B438-C54763B59DCA Time Awake Since Boot: 10000 seconds Time Since Wake: 3900 seconds System Integrity Protection: enabled Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread Exception Type: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Signal: Illegal instruction: 4 Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0x4 Terminating Process: exc handler [0] Application Specific Information: BUG IN CLIENT OF LIBPLATFORM: Trying to recursively lock an os_unfair_lock Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread 0 libsystem_platform.dylib 0x00007fffcb438b44 _os_unfair_lock_recursive_abort + 23 1 libsystem_platform.dylib 0x00007fffcb438465 _os_unfair_lock_lock_slow + 181 2 libsystem_malloc.dylib 0x00007fffcb3c2fab free_tiny + 343 3 libclient64.dylib 0x000000010d9fd290 0x10d821000 + 1950352 4 libjava.jnilib 0x000000010df89daa Java_java_lang_UNIXProcess_forkAndExec + 2156 5 0x000000010dffeeee 0 + 4529843950 6 0x000000010dff396e 0 + 4529797486 7 0x000000010dff385a 0 + 4529797210 8 0x000000010dff39b3 0 + 4529797555 9 0x000000010dff39b3 0 + 4529797555 10 0x000000010dff3e8d 0 + 4529798797 11 0x000000010dff39b3 0 + 4529797555 12 0x000000010dff3e8d 0 + 4529798797 13 0x000000010dff3e8d 0 + 4529798797 14 0x000000010dff39b3 0 + 4529797555 15 0x000000010dff39b3 0 + 4529797555 16 0x000000010dff385a 0 + 4529797210 17 0x000000010dff3d34 0 + 4529798452 18 0x000000010dff385a 0 + 4529797210 19 0x000000010dfee438 0 + 4529775672 20 libclient64.dylib 0x000000010d8b7994 0x10d821000 + 616852 21 libclient64.dylib 0x000000010d8b7758 0x10d821000 + 616280 22 libclient64.dylib 0x000000010d8c65bc 0x10d821000 + 677308 23 libclient64.dylib 0x000000010db90623 0x10d821000 + 3601955 24 com.prosc.jack3 0x00000001151e6bda 0x1151e4000 + 11226 25 com.prosc.jack3 0x00000001151e7006 doGenericFunction + 374 26 com.filemaker.dbengine.framework 0x0000000107d25f9f Draco::DBCalcSolver::SolvePlugins(Draco::DBError&) + 1107 27 com.filemaker.dbengine.framework 0x0000000107d20f61 Draco::DBCalcSolver::SolvePolish(Draco::DBDataArg&, unsigned short) + 4371 28 com.filemaker.dbengine.framework 0x0000000107cf04c3 Draco::DBCalcFormula::Solve(Draco::DBData&, Draco::DBCursor const*, Draco::DBCursor const*, Draco::DBData const*, Draco::DBFieldSpec const*, Draco::DBField const*, unsigned short) const + 473 29 com.filemaker.fmengine.framework 0x0000000107675dc9 Draco::FMWindowModel::SolveCalculation(Draco::DBData&, Draco::DBCalcFormula*, short, bool, Draco::DBCursor const*) + 209 30 com.filemaker.fmengine.framework 0x000000010767c911 Draco::ScriptRuntimeBase::SolveCalculation(Draco::DBData&, short, short, bool, Draco::DBCursor const*, Draco::FMWindowModel*, bool) + 157 31 com.filemaker.fmengine.framework 0x000000010767fa28 Draco::ScriptRuntimeBase::DoSetVariable(Draco::unistring*) + 596 32 com.filemaker.fmengine.framework 0x000000010767dbd8 Draco::ScriptRuntimeBase::Execute() + 1450 33 com.filemaker.fmengine.framework 0x000000010767d599 Draco::ScriptRuntimeBase::DoNextStep() + 313 34 com.filemaker.fmengine.framework 0x000000010767d3f9 Draco::ScriptRuntimeBase::DoRunLoop() + 203 35 com.filemaker.client.advanced12 0x0000000105584fb0 ScriptRuntime::OnIdle() + 72 36 com.filemaker.fmengine.framework 0x000000010766ab37 Draco::FMSession::OnIdle(bool) + 69
  6. Hi There You will need 64 Bit of Windows + Filemaker 14 (64-Bit) + Java in 64-Bit + PlugIn in 64 Bit. If some of those are 32 Bit then you will need: Windows 64 Bit, Filemaker + Java + PlugIns in 32-Bit. For me it was deinstalling Filemaker and Java and PlugIns. The installed Jave 32 Bit and Filemaker 32 Bit and PlugIns made in 32 Bit. That worked for me. Hdh. Philipp
  7. Hi Delete the PlugIn and restart Filemaker. If Filemaker will start without the PlugIN then it is the PlugIn or the environment that causes the crashes. If it will not start then it is the Filemaker installation issue.
  8. Hi there, dear Support Team Thank you very much. The informations did help me. I de-installed Filemaker 14 64 Bit and Filemaker 14 32 Bit and also Java. After this i installed Java and then Filemaker 14 Advanced 32 Bit. Now this world very well with the PlugIn that i created through Script Master. One Question. Is that correct that on a client Machine we can not use Filemaker 64 Bit together with Jave and the custom made PlugIn? Thank you and kind regards Philipp
  9. Hello I created the Plugins through Script Master Advanced 4.42 (Mac). For testing of a solution i installed on Windows 7 Filemaker 14 Advanced both 64 Bit and later also 32 Bit. The custom PlugIn was placed into the Extensions Folder of Filemaker. On Start of Filemaker the program hangs with the Error. Problemsignatur: Problemereignisname: APPCRASH Anwendungsname: FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe Anwendungsversion: Anwendungszeitstempel: 562fa3f1 Fehlermodulname: fmProve.fmx64 Fehlermodulversion: Fehlermodulzeitstempel: 550aead4 Ausnahmecode: c0000005 Ausnahmeoffset: 000000000000975a Betriebsystemversion: 6.1.7601. Gebietsschema-ID: 1031 Zusatzinformation 1: 42ca Zusatzinformation 2: 42cab2250de459a1dd6ff14e5fc26f10 Zusatzinformation 3: b01e Zusatzinformation 4: b01e6bd7ee4903d0480bb13c6d1c0118 Lesen Sie unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0407 Wenn die Onlinedatenschutzbestimmungen nicht verfügbar sind, lesen Sie unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen offline: C:\Windows\system32\de-DE\erofflps.txt What can we do ? Thank you for Feedback and kind regards Philipp
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