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  1. Thank you! I found them and I'm in the process of downloading them now.
  2. We are needing to move our uploaded files out of SC, along with their linking information. Is this possible either through the FMP interface or using an alternate method? We have a developer on staff that is creating an application that will custom fit our needs. Thank you Al
  3. Thank you Jesse, that is reassuring and I have passed your information on to my manager.
  4. Does this container feature replace supercontainer? We use ours for storing mostly pdf files and posting for public view via web app. Thank you for the information.
  5. I know this question has probably been asked many times but we will not be upgrading any time soon because of the nightmare experience from the last upgrade. It took almost an entire day for several people working to get version 11 working 4 years ago. We will stay on version 11 or move to some other software if we can find it before going through that experience again. I kept all of the log files and documented most of what I did; however, the person that did most of the upgrade is no longer with us, and shudders whenever I see him and talk about the experience. I install software frequently for my job but FM is far from friendly. Does FM have any plans to integrate Supercontainer into its product, or can someone suggest a better alternative?
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