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  1. Pls. disregard this topic. I found a similair issue posted earlier and replied to by Tim http://fmforums.com/topic/95541-scripting-error-3-message-in-server-admin-console-logs/
  2. Hi everyone, I just checked the Server log file after running Easy Sync. The sync seems to work fine however there is an error in the server log "Prepare Payload for client - admin 37" Scripterror (3) "Prepare Payload for Client : Show Custom Dialog" I guess since the script is running from server, it does not support "Show Custom Dialog". I'm just afraid the message could be an important error message I miss due to this. I have not altered the Payload script in any way so it must be an error in the original code. Any ideas ? Thanks Jens
  3. Thanks Dan, What a relief, It was exactly the information I was looking for ! I have just implemented the sync script in one of my solutions and it seems to work perfectly well now. Again, I hope Easy Sync will continue to be developed as it's such a valuable tool ! Best regards and Happy New Year to you all ! Jens
  4. I see Tim has removed everything related to FM Easysync on his webpage I hope Easy Sync will continue to be developed as it would be a shame to trash somehting that good.
  5. Hi, First I'd like to thank the developers of FM Easy Sync for sharing this great and usefull solution free of charge ! I have successfully set up FM easysync to sync with tables set to both Push/Pull Two tables in my solution, I only want to push from the mobile solution to the hosted DB (to avoid pulling non relevant data to the specific user) As stated in the instructions, I set the prefix on the two tables to ES_PUSH in both the mobile and the hosted DB. It seems this does not make any difference as all the data in the two tables are being both pulled and pushed. Does anyone have an idea if I have missed anything. Maybe I need to update a script I'm not aware of ? Hope for an answer Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone :-) !
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