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  1. Finally it works... you saved my day. THANK YOU SO MUCH.... "MUITO OBRIGADO"
  2. on the book's portal within the student layout, it should show all the books the student has picked up; To avoid presenting repeated books, I intend to show this book only once but showing a counter how many times this book has been taken.
  3. Do you mean a portal placed on a layout of Students? Showing which books were ordered by the currently viewed student? Yes, a portal placed on a layout of Students. exactly Group of books
  4. Hello good afternoon, I have 3 tables (Students - Readings - Books) related Students (ID; Name); Books (ID; Title); Readings (uuid; Date; fk_Studente; fk_Book) Students --- <Readings> ---- Books I intend to show a portal which books were ordered per student, how many times he took each book, knowing that he can take the same book more than once. I did follow this steps: https://scarpettagroup.com/filemaker-portal-show-distinct-value-tutorial/ to group the book. Any help to maker the counting by group?
  5. I have in my small store, a sales system running on a POS with an extra display, for the customer to see what is being added to the invoice. How do I make the filemaker present on this small monitor the summary of what is being sold? how can I maker filemaker to display on the second monitor only the invoice.
  6. It is in the same home directory "I am using MAC OXS", let me say all 3 files (file_to_be_delivered; Public e private key) are in home directory I have to encrypt it and send the public key & File to the finance Department. How can I do it?
  7. I did not chmod... should I? The purpose is to make sure that the data is not tampered with and that it belongs to me.
  8. I did follow this tips https://rietta.com/blog/openssl-generating-rsa-key-from-command/
  9. Hello, am I getting desperated time is running and I need to send a XML to the finance department, encrypted with public/private key. I have got both keys, and the XML File. I can find how do I lock the XML file using public/private key? Please any tip will be welcome.
  10. I have a billing system, from customer data. I have a script to create new invoice, it always worked fine. suddenly crashed and the filemaker closes whenever I intend to create a new invoice. Thanks for any suggestions to solve.
  11. Hello good afternoon, How can I make a distribution list only for "actives" customers? I have a Table Clientes(ID, name, email, status); Distribuicao (ID, date, distribuicao); ITEMS "to be distributed" (clientID, DistributionsID). i built layout based on Distribution table with one portal of Customers table and another portal of DstLine table that should received only actives selected Customers or all customers. i tried this script, working only in my computer, when i load on server, becomes to slow and freezes. It has more than 700 customers.
  12. Hi, i have the following situation: i have invoice table, that has all my records, when i enter into this layout list, it has to load all data, depending of internet connection it may take a while. I would like to restrict it, when i go to layout it shows only current month data, with out portal thanks for any help
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