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  1. Hey LaRetta Finally got it! I hadn't realized that I needed to "Specify Target Field" and then do a "Calculated Result." I had assumed it was one or the other. This and I am so not accustomed to using the variable as a result of a calculation. As I said earlier, I knew it was something I was not doing correctly. So thanks so much to you and to others for helping me. I've used FMP for years to manage state HUD programs. So let me know if I can ever help you in any way! Best always, John B ps - I would send the file as an upload, but I am still unable to upload any type of file. It could be the older version of Explorer that I am using (mandated by our IT department at present). Just for grins, I may try again using a different browser.
  2. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your help! But I'm still not doing something right. It isn't working. The $ProjectID doesn't get established in the new table record. Here's where I am with the script: Set Variable [$ProjectID; Value:$Renewal Projects::zDCAProjectID.pk] Freeze Window Go to Layout ["HUD Grants" (HUD Grants)] New Record/Request Set Field [HUD Grants::zDCAProjectID.fk = $ProjectID] Commit Records/Requests []
  3. Tks Lee LaRetta ... Here's a zipped screen shot. Using the "Calculation" option, all I can see to do is to type in the "; $ProjectID" ... but this returns an error. Thanks, j PS ... zipped file failed to upload
  4. Hey LaRetta: Thank much for replying to my post! I appreciate your help very much! I'm still having trouble getting this "Set Field" statement into the script. Set Field [ HUD Grants::zDCAProjectID.fk ; $projectID ] Specifically, I can't discover how to get the "; $projectID" into the script. Again, I appreciate your help and will keep trying! Hello from GA ... I have a nephew in Portland. Nice place out there! Best, John B ps - tried to upload a snapshot from my file, but it "failed"
  5. Hello - I'm not a developer but have been using FMP for a long time. I've never learned scripting but am now taking a stab (unsuccessfully as yet) at it. My database begins with tables for "Projects" ... and these are related to "Grants" ... and these are related to "SubGrants." From the "Projects" screen, I'm trying to create a script for a button in order to create a new "Grant." FYI, I've been doing this for years now by simply using the portal relationships ... but I'm designing for use by others, so I'm trying to automate things a bit more so the user doesn't need to know too much about FileMaker. Here's what I have but it doesn't return a "ProjectID" to the "Grants" table. Let me know if you can help ... thanks in advance! John B Set Variable [ $Set Global ID ; Value:Renewal Projects::zDCAProjectIDTemp = Renewal Projects::zDCAProjectID.pk ] Commit Records/Requests Go to Layout [ “HUD Grants” (HUD Grants) ] New Record/Request Set Field [ HUD Grants::zDCAProjectID.fk ] Commit Records/Requests
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