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  1. Seems it was deleted eventually. All good!
  2. The log file in MirrorSync\Applications\logs is quite detailed but I'm not really sure what to look for... Ok, will direct further questions to the support. Thanks again and enjoy your day!
  3. Great stuff Jesse, thanks again. We just ran a test with 7 concurrent requests and it worked ok but it seems the last copy stays in the temp directory for some reason...
  4. Very useful information, Jesse. Thanks! I'm not the one who set the process up. Is the empty clone option creating a structure-only clone of the database as well as a full copy or is it one or the other? Cheers.
  5. Hi, Could anyone give me more information about what's going on behind the scenes when using the server/mirrorsync/dbdownload/UID functionality? Is the target databased directly downloaded or is a copy created on the server first. If a copy is created, where is this filed (temporarily?) stored and is there a way to change this location? Is there a way to make that copy structure only as opposed to structure + data? Might have follow up questions. Many thanks in advance for any information or links to relevant resources. Nils
  6. I believe the problem lies with new features in Filemaker 13. We had that problem recently as one of us tested FMA 13 while most of our users are still using FM 12 client. In FM 13, layouts do have a general background color (Inspector -> Appearance) which does not exist in FM 12. It seems that when you edit a layout in FM 13, you might accidentally set this background color which then takes precedence over the elements' background colors you can manage in FM12. So, the solution is to open the layout in FM13 and set or remove this layout background color. You can see that "Layout background" feature on the right side of the image below. (source : http://www.technologytell.com/apple/131237/filemaker-pro-13-for-os-x-review/ )
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