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  1. I'm using Web Publishing with FM14 Server to publish a staff directory for my organization. One of our staff, whose a bit of a self promoter, pointed out that when she Googles her name her record does not show up. Is there any way to enable Google to crawl my FileMaker database so the information is searchable? Thanks, Isaac
  2. I'm not married to any way of executing the script. I was hoping I could just have FileMaker Server execute it through it's scheduler and pull the results in at the same time. If that's not possible what @Wim Decorte suggested should also work, just having Cron run the script and dump the output to a .csv which FM picks up. A little less elegant, but functional. Thanks! Isaac
  3. I've got an IP thermostat and I'd like to regularly pull the temp using SNMP and insert it into a FileMaker database. I've got a bash script that returns the temp but I can't figure out how to get that data into FileMaker. I've got a script sequence which runs the bash script and then runs a FileMaker script. I was hoping get(scriptparameter) would read the output from the run before script, but it doesn't work. Do I have to write the temp out to a file and then import it or is there a better way? Thanks, Isaac
  4. Thanks! I created a script which loops through and creates the wells, and I created a layout which has 12 portals and filters the related records to just that column. Hopefully that layout doesn't bog the system down too much. Anyway I think I'm in good shape. Thanks, Isaac
  5. Sorry, UI issues, didn't see that. They do use all 96 wells, I'm not sure if they get back the whole tray filled at one time or fill it over time. Even if it comes back full they'll need to enter the data? I'm not sure if that answers the question or not? Thanks! Isaac
  6. We would like to see the plate in a grid. My hope for data entry is to have the users go to a strain record and then have a popover where they can choose a plate and just tick the wells where that strain is present. The user wants to be able to choose a strain and then see the location of each well that contains it, as well as look at a plate and see what strains are in each well. As far as I know the goal is just to catalogue their yeast strains so they know what's incubating where. Thanks for your help!
  7. Understandable, sorry. The plate is a metal rectangle and the wells are holes in it. Maybe it'd help to think of the plate is an array with 96 elements (wells)? Or the plate is a rack with 96 test tubes (wells) in it? Here's a picture of one:
  8. I could use some advice on the best way to do a join. I've got one table all setup which is a collection of yeast strains which have a unique Strain ID. The other table contains 96 well plates, we currently have ~10 plates. Each plate has unique info, but each of the 96 wells can contain a yeast strain. A given yeast strain may exist in many wells across many plates, but each well only contains a single strain. My first pass was to just create 96 "location" fields right in the Plate table, limit it to a "StrainID" value list, but then I realized that to setup a relationship there I'd
  9. That's brilliant, that should work. As far as your preferred method, how would you count a date field? I do have an ordered timestamp field which just puts in the time when the ordered checkbox was checked. Thanks for your help! Isaac
  10. I'm using a modified version of the Invoices Starter Solution form FM13 and I've added a boolean field to the Invoice Data table which indicates if it has been ordered or not. What I'd like to do is add a boolean calculated field in the Invoices table which looks at all related records, all the items on the invoice, and if they've all been ordered it's 1. If I create the calculated field in invoices and set it to If(InvoiceData::Ordered=1,1,"") it works as long as there's only 1 item. If there are two or more items it just moves in lock step with the first item and ignores the rest.
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