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  1. Just tried that suggestion and it fixed the problem. It was a merge field on the header. thanks for that! I forgot I had that problem. Linda
  2. Thanks for your help and comments. Being on the correct layouts corrected my import problem. Bruce - I don't recall a field size issue. I'll have to look back on my posts. As you may have guessed, I'm learning as I go. My skills are a bit rusty! Linda
  3. Ahh, I see, I missed that nuance! My book didn't mention anything about importing being associated with a layout. I will give that a try. In the future, what is the best way to handle working on a live database, ie making layout changes, table changes, etc? I need to move my changes into the live database when the users are not in it. I thought that making changes to a clone and then re-importing the live data made the most sense. I don't have FileMaker Advanced. does it facilitate development? thanks, Linda
  4. Environment: Windows 7 with FileMaker Pro 14. I have a test database that I am currently making changes to. I saved the test database as a clone, so that I could test importing data back into it. the Import functions allows me to import the first table of information just fine, but it will not let me import any other tables. On any subsequent import, I can select the source table from my source file, but all of the target files are grayed out, except for the first file to which I was able to import into. What am I doing wrong? I will need to do this on a regular basis, as I will use this technique to move my changes into the live environment. Thanks, Linda
  5. I am using a calculation field to combine first and last name. The calculation (First Name & " " & Last Name) works fine when the last name contains no blanks or hyphens. When the last name contains a space or hyphen between two words, such as in "De Liban" or "De-Liban", the calculation drops everything after the space or hyphen. What can be done about this besides the obvious of not using spaces or hyphens in the last name? Thanks everyone. Linda
  6. Well, that is frustrating! Yes, the original window was maximized, but gets downsized to the size of the new window. Thanks for the fixes. Linda
  7. I have a script that is attached to a button on a layout. the script first step of the script opens a new window with sizing parameters and then goes to a layout. The problem is the script is resizing the window that the button is on, along with opening the new window in the dimensions specified on the New Window step. I can't figure out why this is happening. I don't want to change the size of the current layout when opening the new window. The steps of the script are: New Window go to layout perform find Sort Records Enter Preview Mode Thanks for any suggestions.
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