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  1. Good morning, I am having a bit of a problem with External Data Sources and pulling in information correctly. We have a hosted file A, that has about 30 table occurrences from hosted file B on it's relational diagram. When we are connected to both of the solutions remotely, all of the table occurrences show up correctly. However, when we are only connected to hosted file A, not all of the table occurrences show up. Only 3 of them show up on the relational diagram, instead of the 30 that were on there before. It seems like its just three arbitrary tables too, it's a Globals table, a
  2. Good morning! I need some help getting something working. We have a company website, and we are trying to create a instant web publishing portal for our customers to login and view their open invoices. Pretty simple. We have all of our information on a FileMaker solution that is hosted with FileMaker Server 12. The problem is we can't get it to work the way we want it to. This is our idea and how we kind of want it to work. We want the have our customers create their accounts/passwords on our actual website. We will store their account information on our web server. We
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