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  1. Funny that I should bump into this post. There's a group that uses Google Hangouts to teach another skill (nothing to do with Filemaker), and they use Google Hangouts to do it. They usually have a moderator and sometimes a second who has presentation control and manages the chats and turns on/off the microphones. (It gets too loud because people forget their mics are live). They will bring on guests and interview them and everyone asks questions. Other times they will take turns helping each other with techniques sharing each others desktops. I am really surprised no one has started doing this in the Filemaker Community. Count me in if you do. :-)
  2. Thanks Jonathan. I want to rename the file so I can make a duplicate in the same folder keeping an original copy with it's original name. In the old days there was great danger changing a file name but now since Filemaker is relational and there's usually only one file that's not as much of an issue. Just had to be sure. Also, I have learned that a year later trying to find what the original name was in retrace who or where the file came from in order to re-download the file, it's helpful if I retain the original name. Still haven't found an intelligent way to keep all my templates straight. I have kind of arrived and now making a company folder e.g. "RCC Examples and Tutorials" and dropping the original files there. Richards stuff is very well documented though and he pops up a lot for me so it's unlikely I'll forget but some of the others may remain more obscure but the content I have save from them may be extremely relevant at a later date so I always want to remember where stuff came from. Cheers! John
  3. I search but can't seem to find the answer to this one. Here are some of the searches I tried which may help others find this message. Can I change the FM Starting Point file name to something else? Rename FM Starting Point Thanks!
  4. DevDude

    Running MirrorSync on ad hoc network

    Jesse does this only work with FMP Server or can two client versions be synced? I need to sync two laptops and that it.

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