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  1. Hi All, Thanks for your help on this. I was running into problems with this script as I did not have the Subjectnameglobal on my layout. Now it is there, I am getting the results I require. By the way, does Char ( 9 ) mean? is that the number for a space character?
  2. This is what I am using at the moment and to no avail. Set Variable [ $Bookingid; Value:BookingTable::BookingID ] Go to Layout [ “Subjects” (Subjects) ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: BookingTable::BookingID: “$Bookingid” ] [ Restore ] Copy All Records/Requests Unsort Records Go to Layout [ original layout ] Paste [ BookingTable::SubjectnamesGlobal ] [ Select ] Set Field [ BookingTable::SubjectnamesGlobal; Substitute ( BookingTable::SubjectnamesGlobal ; Char ( 9 ) ; "," ) ] Copy [ BookingTable::SubjectnamesGlobal ] [ Select ] Paste [ Bo
  3. Mmmm, seems like I cannot use the script or function - Substitute ( gTextfield ; Char ( 9 ) ; "," ) in my script.
  4. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunate that the graph looks too small for you, although it looks fine on my screen. Luckily you saw enough information and have been able to comment. Thank you again, as the copy all records/requests works well and I am getting the required info from the tables. I am finding the formatting of the info problematic though as it brings back and pastes all the information in a Tab delimited format. Is there any chance you know how I can retrieve this info without the tabs/spaces included? Records returned as below . . Chelsea Devlin 21 021021021
  5. Hi All, Hitting a wall at the moment with performing a find and with those found records, selecting some of the information and then for want of a better word "pasting" that info into another field. My example is: Photo shoot booking has been made. It has numerous related records of the subjects of who will be involved plus their contact details. I am trying to gather the subject name and contact info from this related table and have it available to paste into a secondary program like, word, ical or textedit. Are there any methods that you can suggest that may work?
  6. Webko, Thank you very much! Great to have it confirmed that I wasn't doing something wrong as such, but need to do a little research.
  7. The third ghost is not the problem, it is the two records are showing the same info above it. They should not have the same info as they are seperate enquiries with different data on those records.
  8. Here is the DB file attached. Account: FMFUSER Password: fmforums16 Thanks FMFORUM21-03-16.fmp12.zip
  9. If I post the Database to this forum, how long is that online for and how do I stand with intellectual property copyrights etc? I am assuming this will make my database available publicly? If I post the DB to dropbox then at least I still have full control over who sees it.
  10. Hi All, I have created a database and am hitting a wall with one of my portals. A brief structure of my DB is. Customer details (Accounts table) > Their enquiries (Enquiries table) > Send a quote (Quotes table). I require the portal to show 2 quotes from the account using information gathered in the enquiry. Both the quotes are showing up in the list and table view of quotes, but when I try to show them (including the related data) in the portal the duplicate info shows up. I have uploaded a video here and I have attached a relationship portion and the actual relationship.
  11. Nothing, sorry. I know, how cool would that of been. I did try it first off but for some reason it does not work.
  12. Yeah, that is what I am going for. So it looks like I have to have the file stored internally to remove the remote part. Oh well, suppose I can put up with that. Will this script work if I use a different file type? say a word doc?
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