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  1. Totally understand. Actually if anyone would find time .. .. (I) we'd probably only need sort of extract of what has changed and where. If it's based on dansmith65 sample file then only further addition would be needed. I will probably try to do it on my own this weekend if enough time
  2. .. anyone able to contribute sample file, with all the above proposed changes -> to not overload single variable on mobile (client) as well as to take care of not braking embedded tags at the same time? I may try to assemble the above 2 parts on my own, but me and others would really appreciate if anyone would be willing to provide his complete implementation here.
  3. Just implemented new way of delivering the file to the mobile user. Still it's based on the FMEasyDeploy framework. Instead of downloading new version in segments .. or as recent proposal to copy via relationship all I am using is a DropBox link. Server app on each new version saves copy to a dropbox folder. It remembers link and this link is only exchanged with clients. Now all you have to do is download a version using insert from URL with dropbox link. By my measures ~10 times faster .. and you get automatically a download progress bar at the bottom of the app. I recommend this method to those with a large initial data set. 200MB file takes <1 minutes on 4G and ~6minutes on 3G to complete the transfer.
  4. Hi Joqshua Thanks for the notification. Will definitely give it a go, as my solutions are growing and any speed up at this point is very welcome. Glad I am not the only one here who decided to go open-source. J. how are you handling with new version deployment vs data set stored within the mobile part? My mobile file with initial data is around 50MB now .. and seeing how goZync is handling the deployment is making me thinking about the future. Thanks G.
  5. Thanks m_fitzgerald for the quick script amendment. It works great with my large data set. For those who are also using Joshua Willing Halpern Java script solution for quick UUIDs diff check in a webviewer to speed up comparing process. You need to ignore this part: # #Get the DIFF list.Set Variable [ $diff; Value:List ( $diff ; Get ( ScriptResult ) ) ] End Loop Close File [ “Hosted_Database” ] # and add only this bit after Josh's JavaScript magic part: #------------------------------------------------------- m_fitzgerald's part2 ---------------------------------------------------------- End Loop Close File [ “Hosted_Database” ] #------------------------------------------------------- m_fitzgerald's end part2 ----------------------------------------------------------
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