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  1. Thank you very much, both solutions should work for me. to comment; I considered to make individual records for each sentence, but I thought there should be a way to avoid it... Well, you showed the way! Thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone! I have a text field, with each sentence separated by ¶ . I would like to create buttons for each line in this field, so that I can copy each line individually (and paste manually in different application for example) I assume that it's easy to do in calculation with GetValue, and make a script using Get (ScriptParameter) = line number in that field, for each button. ( I ll need only 7-10 lines max). 1. I can't figure out what script function I need to use to make a selective copy... 2. If one of the option is Set Selection function - how would it work in m
  3. Well, then how do I do it, if not filtering, thru relationship? And yeah, you are right about 7 tabs. It didn't feel right, so I am going to do it with seven buttons.
  4. Thank you rwoods! As always - it's simple... These "get" functions can really get me. Thanks again! Thank you comment. Yeah, I am considering the same thing - buttons vs. tabs... Not sure what would be more efficient: a. multi tabs with same portals in each tab, but different filtering. or b. buttons, as you said, with one portal, but more complex dynamic filtering. But here my concern is - if I have thousands records in the portal to filter, would it slow it down filtering if I use buttons?
  5. Is it possible to set a trigger on the tabs that sets one global field/one variable? For example: I have seven tabs: Monday, Tuesday....Sunday. Clicking each tab would set a variable: Mon, Tue... and so on accordingly. But I can't assign script parameter to each tab - it sees it as one script with one parameter. I can name each tab as object, but how do I extract object name and use it for changing data in the field/variable? I hope it's clear...
  6. Thank you so much comment!!! I saw my mistake right away - I didn't use GetFieldName in parameter... Now everything is working and I can get on with my life! Thanks again.
  7. Thanks again Comment. The "Mod" function is awesome! So simple and works great. But I ve tried to do the script, like you said with "Set Field By Name" and it doesn't work for some reason... That step doesn't want to see "Get (ScriptParameter)" as the name of the field. I ve set field as text, even number, copy/paste name as parameter ( it gets in quotation automatically) but in the script it doesn't go back to that field with the same name... Spent the whole day trying to figure it out. Any thoughts? But I have set, as you said again, directly "set field" without scr
  8. Thank you Comment. I guess I have to drop it. I will play with it for an educational purpose a bit... So here is a more specific question: We have three objects - A, B, C.We have three buttons - 1, 2, 3. Press 1 once - we change A to "red", press 1 again will change A to "green" and so on... Can we do it using one script? Assigning script parameter is one step, then I tried to set variables for each object. Changing each variable will effect conditional formatting of the object. That was my idea. But I don't know how to pick the right variable from the script... O
  9. Yeah... AM/PM is also a question. This is for a schedule program which I am trying to create. I like visual stuff, so I thought it would be nice to have a clock like that. The idea is to select a "slice" of time and then transfer it to a table for each active row in the portal. I hope I explained it clear... It sounded simple to me at first. But if it s getting too much - I might have to drop the whole idea and just stick with "boring" text and numbers. And thank you guys for replies!
  10. I want to create an image of the clock, with round dial, numbers as buttons (from 1 to 12, maybe even half an hour numbers). So here is the challenge (for me...): 1. Each button changes color on a corresponding slice of the clock, if you click once - white, click again - original color and so on back and forth between those two colors... Multiple colors would be nice too. 2. Using two buttons to select a chunk/slice of the dial, for example click on 12 and 4 will turn slice between 12 and 4 numbers into white color automatically without clicking on each number in between. OK, ch
  11. Wow thanks Lee! Very well written article. I need time to figure it out though... I guess there is no simpler way to do it.
  12. Hi. Is it possible to switch rows in the portal by just simply drag n drop? Like for example, we have four rows: 1. Mike 2. Linda 3. Bob 4. Phil If I take 4.Phil and drag to 2.Linda - they switch places. The whole row that is. And just by dragging the number (row number) - which is another trick, to keep it always in the sequence. The portal doesn't have to be sorted. I assume it is possible thru some clever triggers. Couldn't find this anywhere yet.. Thank you
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