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  1. Hey Guys, I'm basically looking to extract information from a field. So lets say I have a field called "Tags" and for arguments sake, let's say the field contains color string inside, IE "Red Blue Black Green Purple Orange" Now if I wanted to check if the field contained the word "Green" within the string and if it DOES contain it, then to RETURN that result and set it into a field somewhere? So the result of the calculation would be "Green" I'm sorry if thats unclear, but I need to find a way to do this, to check for and extract a certain word from the "Tags" field which is a long string of text (different words) Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Guys, Just a quick question for a beginner, I have created multiple export scripts, and notice that when I create a master script with the numerous subscripts being called, sometimes the output isnt correct, whereas when I run each script one by one (rather than lots of subscripts within a master script) the final result is fine. Could there be anything wrong with using subscripts for this? Should I always have an Exit Script step at the end of each subscript? I hope that makes sense Thankyou
  3. On my layout, I have my products grouped by STYLE. Which will have say 5 or 6 related products as shown in the above image as 'grey fields' Where the GREEN field is, that is where I wanted a sub summary of the fields above. I didn't think you would need more information than that?
  4. Hey Guys, Just a quick one, I have a large report that groups products together via Style, and has totals at the bottom in the green section (I realise they arent totalling but thats not my issue) My issue is, that when I export as a spreadsheet, my products stay grouped by Style, but I cannot for the life of me get the totals to stay underneath the columns of each group! Any help or advice would be appreciated, I just want it so that its in the format below with the group of products, then the totals beneath.
  5. Dysong, Most custom functions built by other people require a Function Parameter. Such as 'StartDate' or whatever bit of information is needed in the function. It is a common mistake for people to overlook this, EDIT - I didn't notice the post had been edited and OP had found a solution. /closed
  6. Hi Siroos, Brilliant! Thanks so much for helping me out, I really like the look of the Let function you wrote, however when use the calc, it does change the ? to 0 but also the true figures are different values than originally
  7. Hey Guys, Thanks for having me I'm a beginner please take it easy haha! Basically I have a calculation field, where I am trying to force the answer as "0" when the calc returns "?" (due to an empty field etc, for whatever reason I'm not concerned about) My calc is: Round ( If ( IsEmpty ( Cash Sales Total Sales Value )=1 ; 0; (Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days-(Landed Cost*Cash Sales Total Last 7 Days)*1.2) / Cash Sales Total Sales Value ); 2) Now it returns an answer when there is one, or a "?" when insufficient data, all I want is to return a "0" in this case rather than a "?" Thanks in advance and sorry for the noob question
  8. Thanks for the reply dude, but yeah I actually downloaded and tried to run it in my database and FM gives the error that it was built on a newer system & to upgrade to 13 in order to use.
  9. Hi Guys, Firstly I am using FM Pro 12, my company needs to utilise a map system, we work in the vehicle industry, and we would like a map system to show all available garages (which we will plot ourselves on the map) in a customers post code (UK) range. I have tried using the web viewer and the built in UK Google Maps system, however I find it very limiting in what our staff can do. I have seen a host of different open source solutions, such as FMEasyMaps etc, but they all seem to be for FM 13, not FM 12 like we are using. Any help / advice / suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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