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  1. Is there a way to modify the message for updating the remote file when the DatabaseVersion is changed?
  2. Thanks. Maybe I can use the "Signed" date on the Signature field and use Evaluate to insert that date into my Date field.
  3. Users don't have their own copies - therein lies the problem. AND, new users are added AFTER a copy has been downloaded. I think you have addressed my problem in v4 as long as the User Accounts are downloaded along with everything else. Can you address the performance issue of the simplified downloading a new copy in v4? Faster? Same? Slower? Thanks again for all your feedback. I really appreciate it.
  4. When it downloads a new offline copy, does it maintain the downloaded data set? I typically download an empty clone and populate the data set specific to the logged in user with the first sync. Each subsequent sync updates THEIR specific data set. If a new person logs in with a different user account, the data set gets refreshed with THEIR data. Oh, and is the download performance about the same for a new copy or is it possibly faster?(I use xml)
  5. Jesse, I need a confirmation please that v4 updates User Accounts.
  6. Thanks Jesse. Could I change the order the fields are sync'd? If I sync the Signature field first and the Date gets updated with the SYNC Date, and then I sync the Date field, it should overwrite the SYNC date with the Signature Date? right? If this would work, how do I change the order the fields are sync'd?
  7. Thanks for the response, Jesse. Here's the scenario. We have remote users in Venezuela. Their internet connection speed is lousy, so downloading new clones takes a long time. Once they have a new clone, new users come into play, so we need to add their User Name and Password to the host. I was planning to add a "generic" login for the simple purpose of syncing and getting the new accounts downloaded. Then the new user logs back in with their new account. It's critical that they log in with their own account because there are many access restrictions built into each account.
  8. It sounds like User Accounts cannot be sync'd (i.e if I add a new user on the host, the only way to get that new user to the offline file is to download a new clone.) Has this changed with v4?
  9. I have a date field which uses the Evaluate Function in the Auto-enter by calculation to update the date when a Signature is entered into a container field. I just found out that the date is being updated with the SYNC date instead of keeping the original date that the signature was entered. For Example: a new signature is entered in the offline file on 10/3/17, the "Date" field gets auto-entered with a date of 10/3/17. On 10/5/17 the offline file is sync'd with the host. Now the date on the host has been entered with 10/5/17 instead of 10/3/17. How do I fix this so the origin
  10. I used the Customization script to constrain records in my ELEMENTS table. When I ran the sync, the ELEMENT records were constrained and none of the ELEMENT records were deleted on the server. HOWEVER, ALL of the related INSPECTION records NOT in the found set of ELEMENT records WERE deleted from the server. This was NOT supposed to happen. Fortunately I had just downloaded a full copy of the database so I was able to recover the deleted INSPECTION records. Note that I did have one ELEMENT - INSPECTION relationship set to delete the child record when the parent record is deleted. Why
  11. Whenever I Edit a configuration (i.e. generate a new MirrorSync Script), do my remote clients have to download a new copy of the database before they can sync, or does it not matter?
  12. OK, thanks. Can you please check and make sure there is absolutely no way for me to deal with more than 999 data fields in a single table. Changing the data model is certainly doable but a HUGE PAIN. I have about 300 different inspection layouts based on the INSPECTION table. Splitting these into 2 or more tables means I have to change the TO's on a lot of fields. Thanks for all your help. I really like what you've done with MirrorSync.
  13. For now, can I just select a subset of fields for 1 configuration. Will Mirrorsync only count the fields on the sync layout, or does it count ALL the fields in the table regardless of what's on the layout.
  14. How about multiple MirrorSync configurations, each with a different subset of fields to be sync'd? Does Mirrorsync only count the fields on the Sync layout, or does it count ALL fields in the table.
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