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  1. To make the window of solution smaller : I think the problem is some difference between Internet Explorer on one hand and Safari/Chrome on the other. I exported my HTML from a field, to an .html file. It works fine on IE, but not on Chrome on the same Windows machine. Still haven't figured why.
  2. Hello, I have a simple leaflet.js map which is working completely offline. All the references in the HTML5 code are absolute and refer to local files.(javascript, css, tiles). I noticed - and was really surprised - that I was able to copy the HTML5 code into a global field and run it a web viewer (FM 18, Windows 10, Chrome browser). (Up to now, I thought that all external references should be included in an HTML calculation.) When I tested the same file on my Mac (and changed of course all the paths to the new paths on the mac) I couldn't get it to work. It seems tha
  3. What is the basic structure of an import script, to import data from an old version of the app, to a new one? Is there a way to write a loop and import data from all the tables? I have created a set of layouts on my app just for importing and have named them with a prefix. But I can't get the import loop to work.
  4. Hello, I have VIRTUAL LIST ----x---- PERSONELL tables connected with cartesian join. On a layout based on the PERSONELL table, there is a "filters" button that fires a script, which gathers data from some tables and presents them in a list (VIRTUAL LIST TABLE) . User clicks on a record (search criterion) , fake checkbox is updated and the search in PERSONELL TO occurs. The problem is that if I don't first close the card window and only then perform the search, the found set in the parent window remains unaltered. Is there a workaround to this? Closing the "filters" card
  5. Thanks! I guess we will have to live without these for the time...
  6. Is it possible to style a card window with round edges?
  7. Hello all and happy New Year! I am working into my first and only solution which expanded quite a bit. Now it has 4 modules: HRM, LOGISTICS, CALENDAR and DOC MANAGEMENT I would like to have a UI similar to what is proposed widely today : A fixed sidebar accordion menu. The reason is because I think this type of menu kind of orientates the user in the app. Where he is and where he can go. Is there a way to achieve this in FM18? What are your thoughts on this kind of UI and the alternatives? I have already built an accordion menu shown on a card window
  8. Hello, I have a script with a single step, attached to a button. Step: Open URL: "prizmogo://x-callback-url/captureText?input=camera&ocr=el&x-success=fmp://$/MYFILE?/script=Dialogue" When I press the button, the Prizmo Go application fires up, I take a photo of the text, it recognizes it but the application stays open. I want to close the application and return the results to FileMaker. What am I doing wrong? Anyone? Thanks.
  9. Well, the solution seems to work... What amazes me is how fast FileMaker makes all these calculations. I'd expect that 2000 calc reps x 75,000 records will take a long time. Even in Webdirect there is a delay of just 1 sec (LAN). Maybe my knowledge is a bit limited on this matter also. *New: Even with 20000 reps X 75,000 records there is no delay. Why?? After maybe the 2000th rep all other calc repetitions result to "empty". So we can assume that FileMaker engine can summarize empty repetitions instantly?
  10. Well, if I select a date that lies before or after the 2000 reps I get a "?" in the calculation. I defined 2000 reps for the sake of the test. I am thinking to define maybe 90 reps. If the user selects a date before the initial date or after the final rep date, I am thinking to show a warning like: "You have selected a date range that is not expected. It will take some time to calculate --- OK, Cancel" and then set a different initial date so the 90 reps will cover the desired range As for the $variable... no particular reason... my ignorance... I removed it. I will
  11. Thanks! I don't know if I am being very dumb, but this version seems to work pretty fast. CrossTabR_Test.fmp12 PS. When I created the test data I didn't take care to avoid overlapping absences, so summarized data could be off sometimes
  12. Thanks a lot for the explanation! As for the second part, you are partly correct. The people responsible for approving leaves etc. want to have the big picture of absences for... lets say -3 / +15 days in order to be able to decide. There's no reason to navigate throughout the past... or the empty future. Just a little back and forth. Unfortunately the Refresh Window script step takes soooo long to complete on Webdirect (FileMaker Pro handles it just fine, even on legacy PC's). All in all we just need to summarize around 150-200 records (100 people with approximately 1-2
  13. Thank you very much! The calculation is very elegant! The problem is that when I change the gReportDate, the summary field refreshes only for the selected record!! I tried moving the fields gReportDate and cDateR to the Personel table, only to confirm the same behaviour. Then I filtered the relationship by adding gReportDateStart and gReportDateEnd fields, and the summary fields auto refresh. Why don't the repeating calculations evaluate with the change of gReportDate?? CrossTabR_Mod.fmp12
  14. Thanks a lot! Though I feel more comfortable with native FileMaker solutions!
  15. Hello to all, I am building a solution, where the user needs to see a crosstab absence sheet of their personell. The people there can be absent for a variety of reasons, (absence types) which are recorded. The users want to be able to select a date and see the absent personell for a certain date range. I tried very hard to find the a way to do this, so that the app will be responsive. The solution is accessed via WebDirect (so I tried to avoid the Window Refresh script step) So far I have come with two ways to do this. The first way is based on a repeating calc and the sec
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