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  1. Hi, I have created a summary field in the services table as you have described, but your next instructions are not very clear to me. I have done it!!! Well done!!! But now I have a white box where as what I wanted was it to blend into the button and I cant colour the portal feild to transparent I've Done it...you are a genius!!! Thank you so much!!!!
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, where would I create this calculation field. My portals are filtered please see below Service Info Portal::Service Complete = "Yes" and Month ( Service Info Portal::Next Service Date ) = Month ( Get (CurrentDate )) and Year ( Service Info Portal::Next Service Date ) = Year ( Get (CurrentDate ))
  3. Hi Everyone Can someone tell me if this is possible? I have a dashboard which displays services due, services outstanding, completed services and faults outstanding. What I want to do is put a little "badge" on the buttons displaying the amount of records showing in the portal related. I have no idea where to start. I have attached some images and also my relationship view. Thanks in advanced!
  4. Thanks ever so much, I will give this a go tomorrow and let you know the outcome! Execute SQL looks daunting but I might give it a go!!! Thanks rwoods
  5. Hi...Please Help! I am designing a database for out maintenance guys. I have a table called "Machines", this contains all the machines we have with serial details etc, I then have another table called "Service Info", these are linked with a primary key called MachineID. On my machines form layout is a portal that shows all the services for that particular machine. I want to create a script that adds a service file for that particular machine and copies over the last service date, how ever what I tried doesnt work because it take the last record within the whole of the service info table and uses that, in otherwords it copying another machines service date. This is the script. Please Help!!!!
  6. Hi Everyone! I am very new to file maker, I am using file maker 14. I am trying to design a friend a database to manage hires. My goal is to bring a stock level back when inputting on a sales order form; Here is the scenario You have inputted customer details and event details You then input a sales order which looks at the date of the event and the item, checks the db for any matches, if there is it will bring a stock figure back. For example I have 100 white chairs to hire and the data of the event is 16/07/16, we have 350 in stock. as soon as I input it I want it to take away 100 from the stock but ONLY for that day as they will be collected the day after. This system is so we dont over book. How do I do it? I have no idea about relationships either. I have attached my database, pleas please help Bradgate Events.fmp12
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