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  1. Hi All I am hoping some one can help! I have a table called TPM, in that table is a field "Next Due Date" Which is auto generated by creating a new record. You input the date you did the service and then it adds 3 months to that date and that appears in the Next Due Date Field.. All working... What I am trying to do is when the database loads it runs a script to see if there are any outstanding TPM Services to do... Here is the script Show Customer Dialog Message: If ( TPM::TPM Next Due Date < Get (CurrentDate ) ; "You have outstanding TPM service
  2. Hi, I have created a summary field in the services table as you have described, but your next instructions are not very clear to me. I have done it!!! Well done!!! But now I have a white box where as what I wanted was it to blend into the button and I cant colour the portal feild to transparent I've Done it...you are a genius!!! Thank you so much!!!!
  3. Hi thanks for the reply, where would I create this calculation field. My portals are filtered please see below Service Info Portal::Service Complete = "Yes" and Month ( Service Info Portal::Next Service Date ) = Month ( Get (CurrentDate )) and Year ( Service Info Portal::Next Service Date ) = Year ( Get (CurrentDate ))
  4. Hi Everyone Can someone tell me if this is possible? I have a dashboard which displays services due, services outstanding, completed services and faults outstanding. What I want to do is put a little "badge" on the buttons displaying the amount of records showing in the portal related. I have no idea where to start. I have attached some images and also my relationship view. Thanks in advanced!
  5. Thanks ever so much, I will give this a go tomorrow and let you know the outcome! Execute SQL looks daunting but I might give it a go!!! Thanks rwoods
  6. Hi...Please Help! I am designing a database for out maintenance guys. I have a table called "Machines", this contains all the machines we have with serial details etc, I then have another table called "Service Info", these are linked with a primary key called MachineID. On my machines form layout is a portal that shows all the services for that particular machine. I want to create a script that adds a service file for that particular machine and copies over the last service date, how ever what I tried doesnt work because it take the last record within the whole of the service info table a
  7. Hi Everyone! I am very new to file maker, I am using file maker 14. I am trying to design a friend a database to manage hires. My goal is to bring a stock level back when inputting on a sales order form; Here is the scenario You have inputted customer details and event details You then input a sales order which looks at the date of the event and the item, checks the db for any matches, if there is it will bring a stock figure back. For example I have 100 white chairs to hire and the data of the event is 16/07/16, we have 350 in stock. as soon as I input it I want
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