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  1. Change the result Change the results to Text, that must be it because the field space is bigger then the text. Thanks again Lee. Seems like you're a pretty sharp fella Phil
  2. Hi, I am just curious, are people making a living selling their services creating and maintaining FM databases? Or is this a dying art whose time has passed and moved on to other app software? Thanks, Phil
  3. Hello, I have this Calculation script: Address_Mailing1 & " " & Address_Mailing2 & " " & "¶" & City_Mailing & ", " & " " & State_Mailing & " " & "¶" & Country_Mailing & " " & ZipCode_Mailing which is successfully combining multiple address fields into one field so I can cut/paste out of FM easily, except for one problem. When I use this script and enter only one zip code number (3 for example) I get this result: 411 Teal Street, No. 1773 Green Cove Springs, Florida United States of America 3 But with the same script and a full zip code (33316 for example) I get this result: But if I click on this field, it changes to the correct output and I can copy it like so: 411 Teal Street, No. 1773 Green Cove Springs, Florida United States of America 33316 So the question is, why is this field displaying only the combined address field numbers and only with more then one zip code digit, and isn't displaying the correct results? Thanks, Phil
  4. Good advice, I will definitely pay attention to the Portal layout more. I have read a chapter on them but I still haven't totally 'gotten them' yet. Relationships either for that point. It's still a little fuzzy in my head knowing when and how to use relationships and portals. Which seems like a bummer to me because it appears to be the core benefit and power of FM and DB's, especially relationships. Question: Does the performance of a FM DB get 'quirky' the larger the file size gets? I understand low RAM and a slow chip can tribute to this to but my question is more about the FM Software specifically. If so, how big is to big where you should start thinking about slimming the DB down? Thanks all, I really appreciate the help. Phil
  5. Nice, thanks again for that Webko. I have had a full day of FM, first with inventory and now playing with that Contact list, for fun. Cheers, Phil
  6. Thank you Webko. I'll try that now. That did the trick!! Thanks, I did not even realize it was out of the Portal somewhere. How did you catch that? Thanks alot, I appreciate it <: Phil Wim, Your notes are over my head right now but I have copied the text and looked into the help files for the Script Debugger and the Data Viewer. I will read up on this and keep aware of it. Thank you Phil
  7. Hi Lee, I have attached the DB to this message. Please resist making fun of me. I realize I am playing Tee-ball in a major league ballpark with the FM knowledge here but to misquote Popeye, 'I am where I am'. Basically in the Tasks tab of the Portal, I have no idea why the Fields of Urgency, Status, Created Date, and Completed Date are not showing up in the following line-additional tasks after the first one is entered. Thanks, Phil Contacts_PhilCurtis.fmp12 Thanks Wim.
  8. Hi, I am new to Filemaker and learning on FM-Pro14-Adv. I am reading 'The Missing Manual' book and also following Udemy's free Contacts Database FM video tutorial. I am building my second DB which is a more detailed contacts list. My first is a simple inventory DB I am using at work. My frustrations are coming with troubleshooting problems that come up. As I follow along on the video, I am getting different results then what is shown. I am not even sure how to troubleshoot the problems. I am an engineer and very systems oriented and obviously I do not know the program well nor the structure. Does anyone have suggestions on how they troubleshoot problems? What structure do you use? Goings from the easiest to the more complex problems first, or using comparison methods? I really could use a suggestion here. It feels like I am doing a simple DB and getting stumped consistently. Thanks, Phil
  9. I was not trying to do a script, only a 'Single Step', 'Miscellaneous', 'Send Email'. Phil
  10. Hi, I am just geeting back to this now, 8pm at night. Busy day for me and I still have anchor schematics, elevator troubleshooting, and inventory pictures to do before I can get back to this, the fun stuff! I read up on Themes and Styles last night and wrote some notes. I haven't gotten to that part of the book yet so it seems I am a bit behind. I'll get it, just not as quick as I would like. Thanks for the help. Phil
  11. Hi, I am finally back at my PC and here is the screenshot. The Theme is 'Enlightened', the default. I have not created, or done anything with Styles. I am very new at FM, about a month. I still can not set the button to anything, it just keeps going back to 'Do Nothing' Any thoughts? Thanks, Phil
  12. Hi Bruce, Thanks for taking your time and helping out. I apprecitae it. I created the buttons using the button icon on the toolbar shown below.
  13. Hi all, I am new to the forum and new to FM-Pro14. I have been knee-deep reading books and tutorial videos on it for 2-3 weeks so far. I am stuck on a problem and I can not find any documentation. I wonder if someone can help. I am guess this is an easily solution and my beginner status is the problem <; When I create a new button, or modify the existing button, it keeps reverting back to being part of a Group. I have 'Arrange-->Ungroup' many times without success. When I go back to Browse mode and click the button, all fields are selected. When I go to Layout mode and select the button alone, then select 'Arrange-->Ungroup' (it greys out-temporarily), the Right-Click and select 'Button Action'-'Single Step', I continually get a message saying the button is part of a group. When I select all fields while in Layout mode and then select 'Arrange-->Ungroup', it is greyed out which tells me they are not part of a group. But back in Browse mode selecting the button selects all fields. I've been doings circles with this without resolution. Whew!! Is it possible I did something incorrectly when I first started by dragging all the fields at once onto the Layout from the Field Picker? Thanks, Phil BTW, the problem is associated with this text: Attach a button definition to an existing object or objects, like text or a field Select the object(s) and choose Format menu > Button Setup. If you select multiple objects, select only objects that have no previous button definitions. FileMaker Pro groups the objects when you define them as a button. See Grouping and ungrouping objects. If you attached a button definition to an existing object, you can only use an action for the button, so skip to step 5. https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/create_layout.9.47.html https://www.filemaker.com/help/14/fmp/en/html/edit_layout2.11.16.html#1192005 I have read and re-read these pages without resolution. The message I get is the button can only be used for an action. But I have not 'attached a button defination to an existing object' Where can I see the status of this? Am I on the right track here? Thanks again, Phil
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