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  1. dezkev

    New Calculation workspace

    Thanks Comment. Now that I think about it, it makes sense why it is not everywhere !! Regards kevin
  2. In Matt Petrowsky's video on all things new in Fm 16 , the very first new addition is a new calculation workspace where we can see the results of our calculation. i.e. there is an additional pane in the work space where results can be previewed.( see attached pic). I can get to this workspace from the Data Viewer , but when I try to get to it from Define Fields dialog box, I just get the regular calculation workspace. What Gives ? Why is it not everywhere ? Thanks. kevin
  3. dezkev


    hello, I think if you are going to delete records then there will be gaps in your serial numbers. I don't know how to solve this, sorry,. But I am sure it is doable, but pretty complicated. Maybe others can give an idea. What Doughemi is saying in his reply is : Make your serial number field a calculation field and use the Get(RecordNumber) function. Like this : Sno = Get(RecordNumber) [ file is calculated field with result set to be number]. Hope clear. rgds Kevin
  4. Hello all, as the subject says unable to install trial version of Fm 14 on a win 7 based pc with 4 GB RAM and i3 processor. After some googling I understand this to be a bitness problem. My pc is 32 bit -- but the installer seems to be only for 64 bit. Maybe the trial version does not have separate installers - quite defeats the purpose of a trial version in my opinion. I am logged in as administrator - but even then the error keeps coming up. Error is something like " Unable to install or uninstall filemaker on this system.Please refer to system requirements in the installation instructions for more information". Please advise.
  5. Thanks. you are too kind.
  6. Thanks LaRetta works like a charm. I could nto find the option to check or uncheck "Perform without Dialog". SO when I click on 'by calculation..) and the calculation dialog box pops up I dont see the option anywhere of checking or unchecking. But anyway it works. Thanks.
  7. Hello, I am looking fr a way to script the otherwise manual process of going to a particular record whose number you happen to know already. In FM 14 Advanced- i go to records menu and pull down to "Go to record..." and then click on GoTo... in the submenu. I am then presented with a little dialog box which allows me to put my record number and off I go to the record. How do I script this ? I will be hiding the menu tool bar area in my solution so I wanted to put a button on the layout that would duplicate this functionality ... but cant find the step that pops up the dialog box ( NOT that dialog box, but the little one we were just talking about). Thanks Kevin
  8. Hello I am unable to connect to this site from India. I am currently in Sri Lanka and have connected from there as you can see. But when I am in India I cannot.Error message says something about timing out. I think the number of hops is high ! Other than that not sure what the problem is. WIll be back in India soon so if the site admin wishes to to contact me, pls use my email address I used to log into the site with. Thanks Kevin

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