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  1. OK. Apparently this is a known issue with FileMaker Go 16 With FileMaker Go 16, apparently we can’t “show records from current table” Does anyone have a suggestion for any workaround for this?
  2. Yes, I did say iPhone 5 - I have a small database i created that has a few portals on different layouts - Everything works fine on my Mac, fine on my iPhone X, even fine on my iPad mini However, I need it to also work on an old iPhone 5 and the portal data is just blank - nothing. In fact, I really ONLY need it to work on this old iPhone 5 (This particular database will go to a music festival to be used by several other people and I can't give them my iPhone) I have another layout with different portals that are working on the iPhone 5 - but not this main screen. I have
  3. Aussie John - thanks again for responding - I somehow missed the email notice. You are an ambassador to your country! HA! A year or so back, I bought an (Australian made!) metal detector - My son and I go doing and treasure hunting around various parks, beaches and locations. I am trying to build a database that records information about our treasure hunting finds. I record the date when we found the treasure, what type it is, a couple of picture fields - etc. I also want to record the location of where we found the treasure. I have no clue how to go about the Google Maps API
  4. You are right - it work on the Client page - but not on the "invoice' page Thank you for the 2nd suggestion - it works! - yea! yes - it's actually not an "invoice" that I am creating - but rather a "receipt" of sorts. It's for a festival that has food vendors - Each client (vendor) will give a number of tokens in exchange for payment of cash. This will happen several times a day. I'm just making a record (receipt/invoice.. call it anything) of each time they exchange tokens for cash I want a running total of how much was exchanged for each client.
  5. Beginner (We all started somewhere, right?) Let's say I have two simple tables: • Clients (Client ID, Client Name) • Invoice (Client ID (related from Client), Client Name, product name, quantity, price, subtotal(=quantity*price) and Client Total (Summary = Total of subtotal) On the invoice, I am getting the totals of ALL of the invoices from every client.:( I want to show the total of all of a single client's invoices - I would like to show this not only on the client details page, but maybe on the invoice itself. So, the invoice would have a total of the current invoice, and
  6. Aussie John - I am so grateful that you have responded - but I'm afraid I need a little more hand holding regarding your answer. If possible, can you go please into a little more detail - and walk me thru the process a bit more? (like I'm a beginner.. cause I am. ) If I need to show you any pic or info - just let me know
  7. I am trying to input address into FileMaker Go from Google Maps (all from iPhone). My thinking is this: I drop a pin in Google Maps Click on 'Share' Hit 'Copy' Go to FileMaker GO Paste the address However, when I do this - it will paste too much information - a) Name of location/business, b) address and c) https://goo.gl/maps...... URL Is there a way to only copy / paste the address OR URL (but not both at the same time)? Maybe I'm going about this all wrong (probably) - but I just need a simple way to copy and paste an address into FileMake
  8. You are a gentleman and a scholar. I look forward to doing some training with your videos as well. Thank you Richard Regards
  9. Thanks for the reply Richard. Apologies for not using the bug reporting tool. Looking forward to your response. Regards - RB
  10. Stock1.movHello Richard - First of all, thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge with us. You are a very big help in getting small business owners like myself started using Filemaker. Secondly, I've downloaded the latest version (I think) of the Starting Point Solution (FM_Starting_Point_46) (4.6.4) I am still having the same problems as stated above with the "Amount in Stock" not updating. I've 'Committed to inventory' after creating an invoice. I've also 'updated' the 'units sold' - But still , no change in the "Amount in Stock" field on the Prod
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