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  1. My mistake. It's Radio Repairs::Store Number and Defaults::Store Number. The purpose is for multiple stores to use this file and to be able to set their default values, and have them automatically fill into the form with one click. I have a value list with store identifiers. The value in Defaults::Store Number must be from said value list. When the value from Defaults::Store Number is entered into Radio Repairs::Store Number, the contact name, contact email, and model will automatically populate from the values found in Defaults::Model etc (this I have working using calculated values). So what
  2. Progility is a tech company that distributes things such as Motorola radios/walkie talkies! Yes, the tables are related. I've tried playing with Set Variable[] and Set Field[], but I obviously haven't had any luck. I've also tried a lookup, but the value from Defaults::Store isn't copying across to Progility::Store.
  3. Hello! I have a field Defaults::Store and Progility::Store. What I am trying to achieve, is a script that copies the value found in Defaults::Store and pastes in Progility::Store when a user clicks a button to run the script. I am making this work at the moment by using copy/paste functions, but would ideally like to do it without using the clipboard. I have tried several things with Lookup/Auto-Calc but haven't had any luck. The value in Defaults::Store is also a member of a value list. Thanks! Cameron
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