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  1. Thank you for everything, that solved the problem!
  2. Hey man, thanks for the tip, but it didn't work, or maybe I did it wrong lol 1) So I created a global field in the Program Field, attached it a value list that brings all of the companies ID 2) Related the global field to an occurrence of ProgramCompany, related global field with CompanyID of the ocurrence 3) Created another field in the program table, made a value list where I got the ProgramID from the table ocurrence and selected include only related values from ProgramCompany Ocurrence
  3. So it's not possible to do the lists even from the companies table?
  4. The value lists are important because I have more than 150 programs, so I need to find the programs related to a certain company. If I select the company and then could only see the related programs to that company, the list would reduce itself to about 10. I just need to get the related programs and obtain the ID, with the id search for the record in the programs table.
  5. No, the purpose of this is to 1) select the company 2) select the program related to the company selected 3)when you select the program, I do a find in the program table and show the information of that found program. But if necessary I guess I could have the drop down lists in another table and make a script to go to the programs table with the selected programID
  6. The dropdown lists should be in the Program table (because I have set up some important finds in this table that need this option) , I'm not sure what you mean with "How"? This is what I wish for
  7. I tried looking in the forum but couldn't find anything similar. I'm having a hard time with creating a value list from a many to many relationship, this is the diagram. The goal is to have 2 drop down lists, ddl 1) shows all of the companies ddl 2) shows the programs that are related to the company selected I'm not sure how to create the conditional value list, do I have to create a table occurrence? if so, of what table? This is what the ProgramCompany table looks like Thank you guys for your time, you're awesome
  8. Can't get this relationship to work

    Thanks guys, solved my problem!
  9. Can't get this relationship to work

    You mean like this?
  10. Can't get this relationship to work

    I did that but I'm confused. First I get the program ID from a value list in the programs table On which field should the value list be on? I have it like this Enrollments:: dates -->have the value list on this field I currently select the program ID and then select the dates but I don't get the information accordingly
  11. Can't get this relationship to work

    Ok, I did that... Related the IdProgram from enrollement with IdProgram from DatesOcurrence. I created a field called GetDates with the drop down list and it filters correctly to show only the related dates to a program. I pick the corresponding date but I don't get the corresponding information (duration, weeks, etc), do I need to create another field?
  12. Hi guys! I made a database for a university. I have the following relationship Student --< Enrollment >--- Program ---- Dates Student table has the students info. The enrollment table has the program the student has done, what grade he got and the date he did that program. Here is how it looks like: Enrollment table Name StudentID Program ProgramID FinalGrade Dates 1) John Smith 10000 Calculus 1 calc-01 4.8 01/01/2017 - 01/04/2017 2) Bob Doe 10001 Calculus 1 calc-01 4.8 01/05/2017 - 15/05/2017 Program table: Name Id Type Calculus 1 calc-01 Course Dates table: DateId ProgramId Duration weeks dates 100 calc-01 100 hours 4 01/01/2017 - 01/04/2017 101 calc-01 50 hours 2 01/05/2017 - 15/05/2017 As naturally, a Program can be opened during different dates in the year. The problem I get is with the dates. I can't pick a specific date I try to enroll a student to a program. I can't relate it to the proper date, they all get related to the data in the first date, in this case dateID: 100. To get the dates is easy, with a drop down list that shows only related records to Programs. In the enrollment table, if I pick the date with the ID 101, nothing happens, I can't relate the dates table so the student can pick the proper dates the course is in. How can I fix this? Reallyyy appreciate your help!
  13. Help with a find

    yeah a global field in the enrollment table
  14. Help with a find

    I have a drop down list where the user selects the subject they want to find the records for. The list shows the subject ID and the name, but only stores the ID. Now that I have the ID I can perform the script you helped me made by storing the selected subject in the variable $SubjectID. I perform the script, everything works and I can show the user a message that says "Found registers for <<$$SubjectName>> " but since I didn't have the subject name stored anywhere I made a find that could get it and store it in a global variable
  15. Help with a find

    Ok, I solved it. Made another script the went to the subject table, made a find Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [Subject::ID; $subjectID ] Perform Find[] set variable [$$SubjectName, Value: Subject::Name] Don't know if there is another an easier way to do this, regardless, thanks for all

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