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  1. Help with a find

    yeah a global field in the enrollment table
  2. Help with a find

    I have a drop down list where the user selects the subject they want to find the records for. The list shows the subject ID and the name, but only stores the ID. Now that I have the ID I can perform the script you helped me made by storing the selected subject in the variable $SubjectID. I perform the script, everything works and I can show the user a message that says "Found registers for <<$$SubjectName>> " but since I didn't have the subject name stored anywhere I made a find that could get it and store it in a global variable
  3. Help with a find

    Ok, I solved it. Made another script the went to the subject table, made a find Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [Subject::ID; $subjectID ] Perform Find[] set variable [$$SubjectName, Value: Subject::Name] Don't know if there is another an easier way to do this, regardless, thanks for all
  4. Help with a find

    Hey, thanks alot for your help, I managed to implement the find as you said. I have a problem with one thing though. Since I'm using a droplist to get the subject ID in order to get the script running, How can I capture the subject name? When all I have is the subject ID in the enrollment table and later on the script is going to the student table. The subject name is to put it in the layout
  5. Help with a find

    So in order to show the students that have never enrolled to a course I would have to do a find in the students table and omit the subjectID and subject::status where =passed, transfered, fail , right?
  6. Help with a find

    Hey man, thanks a lot! I made your script and it seems to work fine, is there like an outer join function to find the records that aren't related?
  7. Help with a find

    My report layout is based on the enrollment table, so with a script capture the course name from a drop down list and then perform a find?
  8. Help with a find

    I think this approach would be better
  9. Help with a find

    yeah, I have it as passed in the database, I just found it easier to explain with win
  10. Help with a find

    Ok, homologate means that you passed the subject in another university and you were transferred to our university thus you passed it (homologate is win) . But this is not necessary for our case . The table relationship is like this: Student --< Enrollment >---- Subject The report is only meant for one subjet, I'll try to show an example, this is the subject Calculus 1 (It's inside the subject table), I can create a find that shows me a list with all the students that have enrolled to Calculus 1 : Calculus 1 StudentName StudentID Grade State Date SubjectName Fred 11223 2,8 Failed 01/01/2015 Calculus 1 Jessica 12555 3.3 Failed 01/01/2015 Calculus 1 James 99234 4.5 Canceled 01/01/2017 Calculus 1 John 65554 -- Homologate 01/01/2017 Calculus 1 Fred 11223 3,9 Win 01/01/2017 Calculus 1 I'll also show the student table. Student table: StudentName StudentID Age Cellphone Fred 11223 23 32222222 Jessica 12555 19 22333333 Ted 33222 27 33334555 Lebron 5544 21 54345445 James 99234 31 23433245 John 65554 25 455476 So, my report should only show students that have failed or canceled the subject and those students that have never enrolled to it, but maybe I need 2 different reports? I'm not sure Calculus 1: Student Report Failed/Canceled StudentName StudentID Grade State Date Jessica 12555 3.3 Failed 01/01/2015 James 99234 4.5 Canceled 01/01/2017 **Fred is not in the list because he failed calculus 1 the first time but then won it in another date Calculus 1: Student Report never enrolled Ted 33222 Lebron 5544 If you have any more questions I'll gladly answer!
  11. Help with a find

    Hi guys, Would appreciate your help. I have a database for a university, basically I have students that enroll to a subject and can either : win, homologate, fail, or cancel the subject. I must make a report that shows every student that has failed, canceled or hasn't seen certain subject. The catch is that if the student has seen the subject two or more times and for example the first time he failed it but the second time he won it, that student appears on the report even though he shouldn't because he won the subject on a second try. So, how can I make a report that excludes a student that has enrolled a subject more than one time and has failed and won that same subject?
  12. Performance question with scripts

    The purpose of the if statement is to see on what layout the user is in. Based on the layout then I do an export of the data found on said layout. I can do this with 5 different scripts or one long script, which way would you prefer? or maybe not necessarily with an if statement?
  13. Is it better to have 1 long script with 5 different if statements or 5 different scripts? (the 5 scripts would be assigned to 5 different buttons, the long script would be assigned to every single button)
  14. Exporting data in a portal

    I didn't understand! I have my filtered portal in the parent table. There is a field inside the filtered portal called Credits, so let's object name the field to objCredtis. so if I make a script: Go To Object [ 'objCredtis' ] Go to related records [Show only related records; From table: "Child table"; using layout <Current Layout>] export records[no dialog] this should work? With the same filtered portal, If I do a script: Go to Portal row [first] Go to related records [Show only related records; From table: "Child table"; using layout <Current Layout>] export records[no dialog] Sooo both methods should work? or am I lost? :v
  15. Exporting data in a portal

    Ok I got you, But now I don't know how to get the data I need. What I did was to show in the portal the related records the parent table had with the child table If I'm in the child table, I need to see all the records related to the parent table. If I do the portal in the child table, how can I see all the records that are related to the same parent? the relationship is based on parent table ID --> child table ID FK

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