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  1. Summary in a filtered portal works perfectly. Thanks,
  2. Hi Yes to is just for visibility - in short it is just a work in progress total value that shows on my dashboard form. Would I set a field in the table with a sum calculation and if so how would I filter it the same as the portal? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have a filtered portal which lists Jobs::Job Sub Total. How can I get the total of all the Jobs::Job Sub Total fields in the filtered portal? Not sure if its important but the filter is: Jobs::Job Status = "1" or Jobs::Job Status = "3" or Jobs::Job Status = "4" or Jobs::Job Status = "5" Thanks,
  4. Great options! I will give the summary field a try later as that would probably fit easier to my script! Thanks all.
  5. Hello, I need to create a script to search all records in a found set and if a particular field for each are all the same value (0) then 'do something'. To illustrate what i need see the attached. Record 1 there are 32 in total, 27 have been delivered and 5 remain Record 2 there are 3 in total, 1 has been delivered and 2 are remaining When the script runs to reduce the delivery remaining count I want it to check if all records for this field are now at 0 and if they are 'do something' I suspect that I need an IF statement and a LOOP through the records but it is th
  6. Thanks for the link, I will take a look at the link shortly. In short the is a jobs table which contains info such as date created, job number etc. There is also a job items table linked via job number. Job Items have several fields (approx 35), 4 of which are listed above. There can only ever be a unique job number but there can be multiple job items relating to this job. The portal I am referring to is a 'spec sheet' which basically lists all the customers related job items however where those 4 fields are the same there is no need to list them more than once. The records in qu
  7. Hi All, Need some help and I *think* that ExecuteSQL will do it but i'm not sure how: I have a portal which lists 4 fields in a tabe called Related Job Items. The fields are Detail, Notes, Compound and Sales. With multiple records there is a potential that the portal may list duplicates which is undesired - For example 2 records could have all 4 fields with the same information as it is based on a lookup from all jobs. What i want to do is ensure that when all 4 fields match a previous record it only shows it once in the portal. Any Thoughts? Thanks,
  8. Hi - It worked! I had to do a tiny bit of tweaking to take into account other areas of the script which i didnt discuss with you but the 2 loops are working exactly as I needed. Thanks a lot
  9. Exactly. Let me put that into my project and I will get back to you, thanks
  10. Using the method that you put above is exactly what I'm after but ensuring that it captures both Job Item records, in the above example, and creates 2 new Deliver Note Items with the Quantity/Detail data in it. This is where I assumed a loop may work but I can't figure out how. I assume it would require a loop at the Set Variable stage for capturing all Job Items data (qty/Detail) and then a loop At the Delivery Note Item record creation stage with the Set Field variable for qty/Detail? Thanks for helping BTW.
  11. I've been looking at the lookup variable and can see how it would work if all quantaties were being delivered. However, I cant see how this would work if not all quantities are being delivered. For example, 2 records found in the set in Job Items Qty: 4 Detail: Something Qty 10 Detail: Somthing Else If only 2 of the first record and 5 of the second record are being delivered how wold this work in a lookup? What i have now is a script to deduct the number being delivered from the total qty and copy the details to the DNI table. So another delivery note would take care
  12. Indeed you are right. As I said I am new to FM and when you were talking about lookups I assumed it was something else.
  13. The Delivery Notes/Delivery Note Items contain only a small number of fields compared to what is in the Job Items. For example, the job items has nearly 50 fields, most of which are for internal use only, however for the delivery note it just needs 3 item fields that go out to the customer. Also, if you only do a lookup and further down the line the details change (customer name, address, phone) then it will only lookup the changed details, not the old ones. The company that i am doing this for has insisted that cannot happen due to auditing requirements. So copying the data into sepera
  14. OK thanks sreese, I will put some time into it tomorrow using the above.
  15. Hi, Apologies if i wasnt clear in what i am trying to achieve, I am quite new to Filemaker. I have 4 tables (Jobs, Job Items, Delivery Note & Delivery Note Items) Jobs - Contains customer information (fields CustName & PostCode) Job Items - Contains multiple records (fields Quantity & Detail) all linked via JOB ID back to the Jobs table. So for the above there is a form (Jobs) which has a protal to Job Items showing all records that match the JOB ID. Delivery Note - I need to create a new DELIVERY ID and copy the customer information (fields CustName &
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