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  1. I'm a 10+ year FileMaker vet with good HTML/CSS skills. But I have no experience with Custom Web Publishing / PHP...nor FM Data API) I need to find someone to assist w/setting up online form. Here is a link to brief project specifications: After reviewing the specs you should have enough info to provide bid. Thanks! The link also provides contact info. Please reply via e-mail. https://dbase-form.webflow.io
  2. It's the reception of multiple-emails that is the central issue for us. Project was sidetracked for awhile but is now fast-tracked. I'll do more testing this weekend. Receiving e-mail attachments was working but not consistently.
  3. Thanks Karen. There can be a number of reasons for this error, but I'm sure this will help others in troubleshooting.
  4. I am excited about the possibilities that your e-mail plugin may offer both myself and several of my clients. I have my own copy and one client has purchased the server version because of my recommendation. I have other clients that will likely buy this if all works as promised. When testing the single-user version of the plugin I am unfortunately having some big issues. 1-FM Freezes Today when doing a test of sending an e-mail FileMaker froze up. Immediately upon hitting the send button I got the spinning beachball. The e-mail was in fact properly delivered, but I had to force-qui
  5. r woods.... that's the rub then... 3x pricing... At least there is an option...as this particular client has 130 possible users, but only 10 that are usually using it at any given time.
  6. Wim, can additional AVLA licenses still be purchased?
  7. Thanks for the info! Sounds like my suspicions are confirmed. Actually with AVLA it was ok because public guest users were only going to hit the form 5-7 times a day...virtually never more than 2-3 concurrent users. I suspect when we migrate I'll have to rebuild the forms w/Google Mail and then import via timed server script. I feel that's easier than CWP.
  8. My client is using FM Server 14. On it I have a web form that is accessible to the public. It requires no user name or password...it's entirely open via guest login. I have server scripts that import the data entered into a broader ticketing solution that is locked down. The tickets are then deleted in the guest-accessed file. We are now looking at upgrading to FM Server 15 and the new licensing model. I have a sinking solution that this kind of approach is untenable with FM's new paradigm. Is this approach broken w/FM Server 15...requiring me to use something like Google Forms for
  9. Josh....I've done the same thing at times (keep 3 inspector windows open). But FileMaker's palettes management is not nearly as sophisticated as other programs I use (c4d, after effects, photoshop) where you can save exact window/palette settings and locations.
  10. Brad I agree with you 100%. I use C4D and Adobe suite and with those apps have a myriad of docked palettes spread across 3 monitors. It's a great way to work...You can see settings with a glance and change things more quickly.
  11. I'll do a little digging. It's a standard font built into the OS...either Arial or Helvetica...can't remember right now.
  12. I've noticed since installing El Capitan that my various mac systems are doing a horrible job in rendering type. Specifically I'm seeing type getting clipped along the top. I've seen it on multiple solutions...multiple layouts...and on two different mac computers. This started happening recently and I think it dates to the installation of El Capitan....though it could date to FM 14.05. It's not impairing use but it sure looks tacky. Anyone else seeing this?
  13. OK...this is interesting...when I try my server---also Windows 8.1-- WebDirect works just fine. So what would break a single computer...one that is ultra-powerful and works great? Anti-virus software? Yes...there is something peculiar to the user settings or browser cache...or something like that. I guess it's better that this happen to me than to my client...and I learn how to properly address it!
  14. Exact same thing with Explorer. Endless spinning wheel. Unusable. iPhone browser...fine iPad mini...fine iPadPro...fine MacPro...fine MacBook Pro...fine My customers...so far...fine But my Windows machine...8.1... with Chrome or with Explorer... Broken
  15. This is odd. I remotely administer a client's FM solution. Despite the fact that my clients haven't reported any issues...when I try to access the solution via WebDirect...Chrome/Windows...all I seem to get is the dreaded spinning wheel. And this is before I even open a database! Just trying to load the initial WebDirect menu can take over a minute! And often I can't even open a database at all. It was working pretty well until a few weeks ago. Now it's completely broken. Mac access is fine. iOS access is fine. But on my Windows computer (monster-64 GB RAM/8 core/Win 8.1) i
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