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  1. I think that example shows how to connect a database to a remote API, if I'm not mistaken. My needs only use the FMP db, and being able to access it with an http call. (or the FMP API to access that db)
  2. I have 18 installed on our test server and am open to using the API. Are there any demos of this sort of thing being done using the API? Thanks for your reply and link to your PHP solution.
  3. Hi, I have some FMP development experience but more so on the intermediate level. We have a FMP database, hosted on a FMP server, that we use to track a bunch of our digital signs. All the data in the db is manually entered with fields such as 'name' and 'ip_address'. Sometimes these signs go offline, hangup, change ip addresses, etc. I had the idea to have the remote signs call a url every hour that is our signage db hosted on our FMP server. Something like: https://fmp.server.com/fmi/webd/db_name?name=signName&ip_address=ip The db could track these calls for all signs in
  4. I think I figured out what was wrong. I linked MAC_addresses to IP_addresses after I had started entering records so the IDs weren't working correctly. I quickly redid a new set of 3 tables and it seems to be working with those.
  5. IP_addresses is empty as well. This databases did have some actual live data in it and then I realized I needed to modify it so I deleted the data with the thought that I'd add it back after modifications. What's interesting is that when I create a new 'server' record and then add a MAC address record within it, an IP address will appear in this new 'all IP' portal without me entering one. This IP that's showing up was at one time entered in. The 'all domains' portal is empty. If I then delete this test record and do a Find for this mystery IP it doesn't return a result. Where could
  6. I have placeholder data entered and it's appearing otherwise...
  7. I tried this and the portal doesn't show any records. Thanks for your reply.
  8. When I use "=" nothing shows up. Should the 2nd table occurrence point to 'server' or to 'MAC_Addresses"? I've tried both and can only get either everything to appear or nothing.
  9. I'm creating a database to keep track of our IT dept servers. It's similar to a Customer > Invoices > Invoice type setup. The 'server' table is the main database where each server gets entered. Because each server can have many 'MAC addresses', 'IP addresses', and 'domain names', I've created a table for each. It's working except I'd like to have a portal show ALL domain names for a single server record that's being looked at. I've tried creating a new table occurrence for "domain_names", as shown in the image, and linke
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