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  1. Thanks a lot, I ll do as you said :))) Have a nice week end
  2. Hi Lee, Hi Fitch thanks a lot to helping me ! , that work's perfectly )) there is one adjustment, i don't know what is the best ? to ignore the word "for", "and" , "the", "to" or make it as one word ? so it will count occurence of combined word as one word ?
  3. I think I m getting close, I change a bit the "pattern.fmp12" I add a new table with two fields "keyword" and "occurence" so now instead of answer "John: came up 1 times" > "John" go to field (keyword) and "1" go to field "occurence", then I ll tri them by bigger occurence and get top 5 word occurred in a text :)))) and then generate list of keywords ))) I remarked some issu with "the" I should keep the "the" with the word instead of making it as a different word. Ibobo pattern.fmp12
  4. Thanks Lee Smith I need because I want to generate key words from a description. For exemple i m selling a printer, the word printer will be repeated few time in the description, so the script will extract few most repeated word to make them key words from that description. And one of the key word will be "printer" and other most repeated. I m not sure if I m clear with my ideas
  5. Hello, I m trying to find 5 most occurred word in a text field. for exemple text : "Hello John how are you ? Jonh may I ask you to go out to night? I like going out at night, you remember." so the result will be : You (x3), John (x2), Out (x2), Night (2x) Hello (1) could some one help me with that Thank you
  6. the website (url tinypic) is loaded in a webviewer
  7. Hello, does anyone know how can I upload a picture from my desk or any other folder in to a website with button "browse" using a script ? for exemple - first action select the file in the folder according to his name stored in a field then - click on "choose" the rest I can do but I can't find any way to do it >< here is a screenshot Thanks you
  8. yes exactly, I was trying since two days, and I don't know what happened this night but I wake up and start writing :)) so I made something like this, it works very well I open new windows and loop to creat x record with all color and one size, then new loop with all color and other size, and so then ... x loop all related to fonction count I m not sure if I m clear thanks you Comment
  9. Hello, I m trying to multiplie a record by attributes for exemple from this : to get this : If someone could help me to do that thanks from this to this
  10. merci beaucoup ! works perfectly you are genius !
  11. Hi Comment, do you know if i could add that the script that you made : delete also previous paragraph ? for exemple : if content "two" delete the same paragraph and the previous paragraph. like this : Thanks
  12. thanks you ! it s work perfectly, like in my dream
  13. a lot, like 100 -/+, and keep where it s the best ? maybe if i put them in a field with different table and PatternCount take it each and loop ?
  14. Thanks you a lot Comment ! it works perfectly last think if i want add to Romeo many other strings like Juliet, Freud, ..?
  15. Hello, i try to delete a paragraph or sentence if it contains a sting for example in this field i would like to delete all sentence containing string "romeo" so the result should be : Thanks you

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