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  1. I m checking prices of products on Amz, if I use curl, website see it, and I don t want to deal with their api. since I reset every time now the issus is captcha that I didn t had before XD
  2. finally the best thing to do, parameter : 1 window, 1 web viewer, 1 portal. script : -loop - go to portal, select nem record, set web viewer to the url (from portal) then - reset webviewer wait 2 sec , go to portal nem +1 -end loop with that I can go up to 5000
  3. thank you Wim, I did some research and it s seem s to be an issue, I found out that web viewer make a memory leak and the best thing to do is to have two windows, one for webviewer and one for yours fields, then after each load reset the webviewer and wait 1 sec. "Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "wv"; URL: ""] Set Web Viewer [Object Name: "wv"; Action: Reset] Pause/Resume Script [Duration (seconds😞 1] Close Window [Current window]" credit to "keeztha" it was 4 years ago maybe someone sorted it out since ^^ Result : I keep one window and just reset and
  4. Hi I have a 5 000 record with url to check on web viewer (loop > open url in web viewer ... check source code, go next) After 400+/- records it s slow down and in the end not respond at all. I went to check monitor activity and I see 30Go. If I close the file it s keeps the 30go and keep slowing whole Mac, but if I quite filemaker and open again it s worlds well until 400 more records ... anyone had to deal with such issus ?
  5. thanks yes I found out about "MBS("WebView.SetPreferences"; $WebViewerRef; "loadsImagesAutomatically", 0)" works well perfect. Comment : yes but there is always some dynamic part that won't show if you just load. thank you all
  6. Hi, I m extracting data from web viewer in filemaker, It takes time to load media, so I wonder if it is possible tu load only text ? without media file (pic, gifs, video ..) any plugin are welcome thank you
  7. here is the monitor activity and i see webviewer page "about:" who s is kept in memory, how I can I flush it ?
  8. Hi everyone I have my database with 40 000 links, i extracting data very simple. I m using MBS mostly. When I open FileMaker fresh I have 5go of memory free, then slowly slowly after 1000 records I have only 500mo left and more it goes less it works properly (miss fields, unresponding) So I have to quite filemaker then open the database again to reset the memory. If I just close the database the memory is still low, but if I quit filemaker then it reset the memory and are full. I do not know where it come from, I used many time's such pattern to load web viewer and extr
  9. Hi, I have a 3 field, Color, Size, and List3, some words are in English so I made a list of all unique values of all three table, translate it, then past in to a table with field English (original word) and French (translated) what I would like is match at those three field with field in table where all words are already translated. for exemple Product table Record 1 /> Color ; red - Size ; eleven - List ; proud Translated table Record 1 /> English ; red - French ; rouge Record 2 /> English ; eleven - French ; onze Record 3 /> Englis
  10. Hi, I am extracting data (script loop) in to a portal, then make some calculation and summary fields to make calculation. So first I loop, extract data, calcul data, then I summary it, then I make another calculation based on previous steps, next loop, and so on. Problem = When I loop the extraction I can't see the result of some calculation until i cancel the calculation scrip and click on a random grey space. How can I do to get the results during the loop and not when I cancel and click somewhere. Also if I leave the layout and go back I ll have all result as needed, but I need it during
  11. I see, so each currency in a table, linked by same time, then use summery part to sort group of for exemple 24hours for every hour thank you Steve and Comment ( I always come with weird ideas but trust my it worth it 🤠 mostly ..)
  12. can I use summary field and select only 20 records without using find mode ? or it will select only all records ? or I have to use find 20 records to see the summary Max and Min ?
  13. the purpose is to analyse data of a currency. I have data of 22 currency of three month , and I would like to analyse the relation between them. So there is few hundreds of period (few hundred of record of 22 field) Then I pick 20 previous period (record) of each period, then I take with a calculation field the highest and lowest value of each period, then I compare if there is relation between them. For exemple if three currency is the highest of 20 previous period what happens to others ? if something happen, the positive or negative conclusion would be the same if there is more or less p
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