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  1. I see, so each currency in a table, linked by same time, then use summery part to sort group of for exemple 24hours for every hour thank you Steve and Comment ( I always come with weird ideas but trust my it worth it 🤠 mostly ..)
  2. can I use summary field and select only 20 records without using find mode ? or it will select only all records ? or I have to use find 20 records to see the summary Max and Min ?
  3. the purpose is to analyse data of a currency. I have data of 22 currency of three month , and I would like to analyse the relation between them. So there is few hundreds of period (few hundred of record of 22 field) Then I pick 20 previous period (record) of each period, then I take with a calculation field the highest and lowest value of each period, then I compare if there is relation between them. For exemple if three currency is the highest of 20 previous period what happens to others ? if something happen, the positive or negative conclusion would be the same if there is more or less period selected ? for exemple 25/2/2019 15;00 (previous record would be 14:00, 13:00,..24/2/2019 11:00) I also remarked that when i use GetNthRecord in a field calculation it keep same prevues records even through search fonction. So when I run a search it keeps the prevues record from before search. That's a good thing I use this for calculation of the lowest and highest "Let(x=Substitute(Filter(CURRENCY20PREVIUES;"0123456789,¶");"¶";";"); Evaluate("Min(" & x &")"))" Steve & Comment, thank you
  4. Hi, I m trying to get data from a range of 20 previous record in a calculation field, I used the fonction : GetNthRecord ( ffffffffield ; Get ( RecordNumber ) -1)& ¶ & GetNthRecord ( ffffffffield ; Get ( RecordNumber ) -2)& ¶ & .....& ¶ & GetNthRecord ( ffffffffield ; Get ( RecordNumber ) -20) but in purpose to find the best result in my research I need to add or reduce the number of previous record, and there is 22 field with 20 previous record. So imagine the work that I had to do to edit every field. I thought maybe it s possible to make a loop ? or something else that't I don't know ? I know this screen is wrong but maybe something like this ? 😛 I would like to keep it in calculation field so if I replace the 20 by 15 it will impact all calculated field and get result. thank you
  5. Hi Comment, thank you maybe a should run a script to calculate that field , I ll do as you update it. I always come with strange calculation ))))
  6. Hi I have this fonction in a calculation field : "If ( Get ( TotalRecordCount )-Get ( RecordNumber ) >0 ; "perform record: present - (record +1)")" what I need is : if the current record is not the last then..... take the present value - next record value I also tried like this but I get "?" on every new record created. If I modify the calculation script then it run the calculation and everything work but for only old records, it s like the calculation run only one time on the creation. If ( Get ( TotalRecordCount )-Get ( RecordNumber ) >0 ; GetNthRecord ( FIELD ; Get ( RecordNumber )+1 )-GetNthRecord ( FIELD ; Get ( RecordNumber ) )) maybe I miss something, I don't get why it's not working ? thank you
  7. input : 72LDs 69LDs 56LDs 48LDs 36LDs 24LDs output with Getasnumber "GetAsNumber ( List ( variante::taille ) ) " : 726956483624 what I would like is a list : 72 69 56 48 36 24 it s partly related, it s better if I open a new topic ? with a project file for exemple ? here is an exemple getasnumber.fmp12
  8. well you see it gave me numbers one after one "726956483624" instead I need it like a list like this : 72 69 56 48 36 24
  9. did you ever get this issu : when I run : GetAsNumber ( List ( field::field ) ) I don't have a liste, I have numbers after numbers without space :726956483624 instead of : 72 69 56 48 36 24
  10. thank you, but I think something is wrong because it doesn't stop looping ? here is the attached file title_sub.fmp12
  11. I see, it s difficult to choose >< how to do it better, so I think the best way will be : separate word with space, for exemple make a list from the list for words with space : 8go then, 16, then "go", then 32 ... delete them from the title. You re absolutely right about getting wide ))) if I see that it delete word unwanted I can always go back and limit to the first list. thank you Comment
  12. Hello, I m trying to set up a script the goal is to delete or substitute some words form a Title (field) feeded by a $list (list of word located in different table) exemple I Have a title in table A : - Memory drive flash pen stick 8gb 16gb 32gb 64 gb And I have a list of words in table B : 8go 16 go 32 go 64 gb Output, what I would like to get is : "Memory drive flash pen stick" Each title will have his own list with same reference, there is also a trick because as you can see Gb could mean Go, so I think the best is delete all words matched (8, 16, 32, 64 ...) then I have another script who will delete duplicate words in the field (title) Thank you title_sub.fmp12
  13. Thanks a lot, I ll do as you said :))) Have a nice week end
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