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  1. Hi Comment, thank you maybe a should run a script to calculate that field , I ll do as you update it. I always come with strange calculation ))))
  2. Hi I have this fonction in a calculation field : "If ( Get ( TotalRecordCount )-Get ( RecordNumber ) >0 ; "perform record: present - (record +1)")" what I need is : if the current record is not the last then..... take the present value - next record value I also tried like this but I get "?" on every new record created. If I modify the calculation script then it run the calculation and everything work but for only old records, it s like the calculation run only one time on the creation. If ( Get ( TotalRecordCount )-Get ( RecordNumber ) >0 ; GetNthRecord ( FIELD ; Get ( RecordNumber )+1 )-GetNthRecord ( FIELD ; Get ( RecordNumber ) )) maybe I miss something, I don't get why it's not working ? thank you
  3. input : 72LDs 69LDs 56LDs 48LDs 36LDs 24LDs output with Getasnumber "GetAsNumber ( List ( variante::taille ) ) " : 726956483624 what I would like is a list : 72 69 56 48 36 24 it s partly related, it s better if I open a new topic ? with a project file for exemple ? here is an exemple getasnumber.fmp12
  4. well you see it gave me numbers one after one "726956483624" instead I need it like a list like this : 72 69 56 48 36 24
  5. did you ever get this issu : when I run : GetAsNumber ( List ( field::field ) ) I don't have a liste, I have numbers after numbers without space :726956483624 instead of : 72 69 56 48 36 24
  6. thank you, but I think something is wrong because it doesn't stop looping ? here is the attached file title_sub.fmp12
  7. I see, it s difficult to choose >< how to do it better, so I think the best way will be : separate word with space, for exemple make a list from the list for words with space : 8go then, 16, then "go", then 32 ... delete them from the title. You re absolutely right about getting wide ))) if I see that it delete word unwanted I can always go back and limit to the first list. thank you Comment
  8. Hello, I m trying to set up a script the goal is to delete or substitute some words form a Title (field) feeded by a $list (list of word located in different table) exemple I Have a title in table A : - Memory drive flash pen stick 8gb 16gb 32gb 64 gb And I have a list of words in table B : 8go 16 go 32 go 64 gb Output, what I would like to get is : "Memory drive flash pen stick" Each title will have his own list with same reference, there is also a trick because as you can see Gb could mean Go, so I think the best is delete all words matched (8, 16, 32, 64 ...) then I have another script who will delete duplicate words in the field (title) Thank you title_sub.fmp12
  9. Thanks a lot, I ll do as you said :))) Have a nice week end
  10. Hi Lee, Hi Fitch thanks a lot to helping me ! , that work's perfectly )) there is one adjustment, i don't know what is the best ? to ignore the word "for", "and" , "the", "to" or make it as one word ? so it will count occurence of combined word as one word ?
  11. I think I m getting close, I change a bit the "pattern.fmp12" I add a new table with two fields "keyword" and "occurence" so now instead of answer "John: came up 1 times" > "John" go to field (keyword) and "1" go to field "occurence", then I ll tri them by bigger occurence and get top 5 word occurred in a text :)))) and then generate list of keywords ))) I remarked some issu with "the" I should keep the "the" with the word instead of making it as a different word. Ibobo pattern.fmp12
  12. Thanks Lee Smith I need because I want to generate key words from a description. For exemple i m selling a printer, the word printer will be repeated few time in the description, so the script will extract few most repeated word to make them key words from that description. And one of the key word will be "printer" and other most repeated. I m not sure if I m clear with my ideas
  13. Hello, I m trying to find 5 most occurred word in a text field. for exemple text : "Hello John how are you ? Jonh may I ask you to go out to night? I like going out at night, you remember." so the result will be : You (x3), John (x2), Out (x2), Night (2x) Hello (1) could some one help me with that Thank you
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