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  1. Working on this repeating field however my first repeating field the calculation is saved as text ,i want to create another repeating field that will have the full date in it, how could i save this calculation as a date field so that my calculation to change it could work. when saved as text the numbers are right however when saved as date my result is 0/0/0 see below Let ( [ PortalDate = Extend ( cDateofFirstPortal ) + Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) - 1 ; TodaysDate = Get ( CurrentDate ) ] ; Case ( Day (PortalDate) ; ( Month ( PortalDate ) & Day ( P
  2. it is a repeating field . the script is Let ( [ PortalDate = Extend ( cDateofFirstPortal ) + Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) - 1 ; TodaysDate = Get ( CurrentDate ) ] ; Case ( PortalDate = TodaysDate ; TextStyleAdd ( "Today - " & Day ( TodaysDate ) & " " & Left ( MonthName ( TodaysDate ) ; 3 ) ; Bold ) ; Day ( PortalDate ) = 1 ; TextStyleAdd ( Left ( MonthName ( PortalDate ) ; 3 ) & " " & Day ( PortalDate ) ; Bold ) ; Day ( PortalDate ) ) )
  3. I created a calender (see screenshot) and want the hebrew date displayed on the right side of each box , , anyway you could help me on that? , i managed to get it to work if i manually enter todays date in a field and have a script to calculated it accordingly , but want it to display on my entire calender , any help on this? anyone? t
  4. thanks for your help , the checkbox version works great but does not look that great as i have a list of like 100 coordinators , anyway i could achieve the same result in having to select them through dropdown lists or some other easy method? without having to create a join table which doesn`t work me out .
  5. Hi i have an event table and a coordinator table. Until now each event had only one coordinator. There has now become a need that at some large events require more coordinators - could be upto 5. I have a login for the coordinators where they could see events which are assigned to them. The relationship is that the cordinatorID in the coordinator table matches the coordinatorIDF in the event table. I created a coordinator2IDF in the event table and tried to relate it aswell to the coordinator table but what happens that it even breaks the first relationship. How could
  6. Hi i am wondering if anyone ever created a some thing that would be able to create my calender in my filemaker file to include hebrew calender. i would appreciate if anyone has anything to offer me on this.
  7. what i want that if recurring is checked then it should run a shceduled server side script , how would i specify that?
  8. Hi in my milking solution we now have table for productions , where the overseer of the production can report how their schedule went. until now we had created a production for the overseer to complete. What i want is to create a server side script that would create a recurring production every day at a soecified time. How would i create such a script for server side , i havw create many scrips before but never really worked with server side scripts. I would appreciate if someone could help me out on this.
  9. Hi i have a portal of task , ,i want to be able to count the task which are associated with 'something' , ie assigned , due etc , ,how would i calculate that , ,i want get found count and then filter by "field result"
  10. Anybody ever experienced this , think it started happening whn i upgraded to 15 advanced, , anyone , anything on it , it gets my whole solution stuck , need to shut my filemaker and outlook to get outm of it.
  11. Hi i had created that when a client completes its project the system sends a email to the administator letting him know the project report was complete , however when that scvript send mail is run an error acures. What does this error mean and how could i avoid it?
  12. Yes it does PNG24 No any idea why it is not showing???
  13. Hi i created a report that gets saved intoa pdf into a field - all working great. just one interesting issue , ,not sure what it means , on the bottom of the layout i inserted a picture of the directors signature , which is a must for every report , however in browse mode it works fine but when i save it apdf for some reason it gets omitted , any idea if that is a filemaker limitation? i actually have the companies logo at the top and that is showing up correctly.
  14. ok, i purchased an advanced now , totally new to it , how would i go about it , where would i find the script debugger , and how would i edit the script before i load the file?
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