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  1. Ready I establish a variables: $ program="c: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office16 \ Excel.exe" $ filename = Contracts::PreesupExcel And using the command "Send event" $program/$filename Regards Pedro
  2. Good afternoon everyone. I need to open a .xlsx file by pressing a button I have tried with a script, where I establish a variable $ filename = e: \ Works \ Josram \ Presup \ AAVSA \ slopes 345 7 Apr 14.xlsx And using the command "Send DDE Execute" The service name = "c: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office16 \ Excel.exe" But when you run it, it just does nothing Can someone tell me that I'm doing wrong? I don't need to import o export a file. I only need, when i click a button Excel runs and open the .xlsx file Thanks in adv
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