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  1. Wim, Yeah, those were also my first suspects. I even went so far as to copy/paste the login from the Edit Account window into the Login field to make sure there were no typos, extra spaces, invisible non-ascii characters and the like. I used the Data Viewer to verify that Get(AccountName) was returning the correct value, and it was. So I went back and re-read the docs and found this line I did not fully digest the first time: "Users that cannot view certain records can still browse these records, but the user will see <No Access> instead of the field data within each record." I had assumed it would filter the records. If I scroll through the records, it does indeed show the logged in users' record. So I was not doing anything wrong, I was just blind. Of course that is not the effect I want, so I added a Perform Find to the OnLayoutEnter to get the proper UX. For others' reference: Do a find on any field using * as the criteria. Apparently any find will filter out the <No Access> records. Show All Records brings them back.
  2. I must be doing something wrong here - I can't get record access privileges working right. I am trying to limit viewing of the Teachers table to the currently logged in teacher. I have a Teacher Privilege Set and all teachers are assigned this set. I have Custom Privileges set for Records. On the Teachers table I have Limited set on the View privilege. My calculation is 'Login = Get(AccountName)' where Login in a field that holds the login name. No records are accessible, all fields just say <No Access>. Using Data Viewer I have double checked to make sure that the Get(AccountName) value is the same as the value in the Login field. I have even done this calculation: Login = "Brad Mathews" which I KNOW is a valid field value. Still nothing but <No Access>. I have attached a screenshot showing all of my settings. Thanks! - Brad
  3. Go to Austin Bauler in Students and click the popover button in Laurie's record in the parents portal. You see Brad (me) in the popover instead. We must have cross posted because I sent my solution just before you sent your post. - Brad
  4. I found out what I was doing wrong. I was basing the popover on Related_Parents rather than Parents which is the wrong relation to use in that portal. I think I got it wrong because it was the correct relation in a different portal that I copy and pasted from. Since they are both based on the Parents table and showing parent data in the fields I did not notice the error. The GTRR buttons were still working of course because they were based on Parents. I do not understand the basis of the weird side effect of using the wrong relation - but if I obsessed over every weird side effect in computers I would be in the loony bin. - Brad
  5. Lee, I double checked and the popover button is within the portal. I am not sure what you meant by "Show that that table in Layout". I added a screenshot of my layout mode, which shows all of the tables involved, in case that is what you needed. Let me know if it was something else you needed or if you were giving a suggestion. Now I'm off to install and play with my copy of 14 Advanced which just arrived! Thanks! Brad
  6. I think I have a relationship problem here even though the problem appears to be with the Portal or Popover. As you can see from Screenshot1, the popover is showing the data for the wrong record. Interestingly, clicking the Go to Full Record button which calls Go To Related Record does go to the correct record as indicated in the Portal. This is also happening with the Siblings Portal, see Screenshot2. However, the Go to Full Record button on siblings portal behaving differently - it is going to the record showing in the popover which is the same record being display. So it goes nowhere of course. The Relations screenshot shows the relevant relationships as well as the more complicated one I am using to get the siblings. On the Parents layout I am doing the same thing - showing Students via the Parents_Students and Related Parents and the popovers are working fine. Let me know if you need more data. - Brad
  7. comment, Extend Found Set! (forehead slap). I need to go through the script commands and functions again. (and again) I really did not like the relationship method. I did try something like that first, based on a Chris Ippolite tutorial, but it was non-intuitive and had side effects that I had not solved. The script route is more straightforward to my mind. I tried both of your other suggestions and I think I like your first idea better. The search criteria aren't hiding behind some dialog so the script is more understandable. And now I know what the Request part means in the New Record/Request command. I have attached screenshots of both solutions showing all of the moving parts for others to follow. Notes: 1. Both the Perform Find and Extend Found Set commands use the same Find request. 2. You can simplify this script if you aren't using lists to match lists and you have a much more direct way to filter your layouts than the relationship way which the FileMaker tutorials seems to prefer.
  8. I have a field that is a List of values I want to match records to. The field in the target table is also a List values. So my search parameters might be this list "A|B|F" (pretend | is a new line making a List) and my target search field might be "A|G|N". Since they both share the A, the record should match. I tried looping through each item in the search parameters list and doing a Perform Find on each, but each find overwrites the last. Apparently multiple search criteria do not add to the result set unless part of the same Perform Find. I tried some creative Find Requests like OneField = Length( FilterValues($SearchValues, ChildStatuses) ) > 0 - where OneField is the value 1, but that finds all records. How do I perform this find from a script? Thanks, Brad
  9. Comment, That does it, you rock! It also worked, of course, to get related siblings on the Students layout. - Brad
  10. I am having a very similar problem to this post: I have three tables in a standard many-many relation ship, Parents and Students and Parents_Students. I want a portal on the Parents layout that will show the other Parents related via the Students table. One way would be to put a Spouse field in the Parents table for a more traditional self relationship, but I might have more than 2 "Parents" the others being grandparents, aunts and the like. Hence the many-many self-relationship. The answer in the post above refers to a broken link (probably from the earlier version of the forum software) and I cannot find the new link for new post. Could someone refer me to the new post link or answer the question? Thanks a bunch! Brad
  11. Ah yes, that looks likely. I am used to actual programming languages with real IDEs and such, so that looks like something I might have done out of habit.
  12. Bruce, I think we have a winner! I did try and go back to duplicate that incorrect syntax when attempting to recreate the problem, but it would not let me - it insisted on using the gear icon which of course forces correct syntax. So I assumed I had just typed it wrong into the forum post so did not mention it. I still can't figure out how I managed that incorrect syntax. - Brad
  13. I am using an eval copy of FM Pro so no data viewer until I actually buy the advanced version (which I am probably doing this week.) I refactored my script so I no longer need to set the variable to empty (it was a stupid thing to do anyway). I tried to create another script to reproduce the behavior, but it is working as expected now - no 0's in sight. This is a simplified version of what I was doing - I can't copy/paste the script into plain text to post here: Set Variable [$StudentIDs; Value: ""] Show Custom Dialog ["StudentIDs is:" & $StudentIDs] The dialog was saying: StudentIDs is:0 In earlier code I was placing a comma delimited list from the results from an ExecuteSQL into the variable and iterating through the list, "popping" each element with Left/Position and Middle/Position calculations until empty and then existing loop. - Brad
  14. When I set a variable this way: Set Variable [$StudentIDs = ""] the actual value of $StudentIDs is 0, not empty or blank. So it fails the IsEmpty test. Is this by design, it is a bug or am I doing something stupid? - Brad
  15. The Insert PDF context menu item is greyed out on my container field when I have my database open locally. My Google Fu has failed me on solving this. My container field is on a layout, not in a portal. I have Interactive Content checked. I have a PDF viewer working in IE. (Zeon - I do not know where I got this plugin - I very rarely use IE.). I also have an older version of NitroPDF Pro which I use daily, but no IE plugin at the moment. The container field Storage settings are "Store container data externally" and using Open storage option. I also tried the secure storage option which was the default. I have FM Pro 14.0.4 and this database is not converted from earlier version. I am using Windows 10 I can drag and drop a PDF into the container and I get the PDF icon, but it is not interactive However it is interactive (both native and WebDirect) when I upload the database to FM Server - which is also my local computer for now. But in all cases Insert PDF is greyed out. The only other solution that the web has coughed up it to use the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is not an option - I refuse to use that piece of #$@&. What else can I try? Thanks, Brad
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