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  1. I have a database setup wherein I take post-production notes on an animated series. I have a slew of retake scenes in any given database (a new one is used for each episode, a protocol issue with the studio) which some of them have categories for the type of note. Not all scenes have this category (they indicate reasons for these particular notes). When we have completed the review of any given episode, we need to reconcile those categories. Generally this comes down to matching that categories frame count (say 12) versus the scene's entire frame count (say that is 20). If the counts don't mat
  2. Perfection! Thank you for the elegant solution to my brute force methodology.
  3. Sorry hopefully it will show now. I'm on 15 Pro Advanced. If there is a direction or the concept of the direction it would be ideal if it worked there. However it could also me the means to get my company to update us (not likely in this current world).
  4. That is a good solution, but I failed to mention that I am pasting lists from excel in the "listfind" field to get multiple results in the portal. So something like that will turn a list like: 5 9 10 12 To 591012. Sorry I failed to mention that.
  5. I have a database setup wherein I take post-production notes on an animated series. I have created a relationship where a table occurrence of my main table (retakes) named (retakes_listfind) is present. This is a relationship where a text field named "listfind" in retakes_listfind is set to equal a text field named "scenenumber" in retakes. I can paste a list of incoming scenes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.) in a retakes_listfind layout with a portal to retakes. Here is the issue. It works fine, but only if the numbers match. Due to an accounting requirement we need to enter all scene numbers with
  6. I have a database where I have created a global field where when I paste in a list of values it shows me the matching fields via a portal. The global field (listfind) matches a name field (design) via a relationship with an additional occurrence (designdata_match) of the main table (designdata). That is working fine, however what I want to add in is a way to indicate if one of the values I paste into the global field is not matching in the other table. It could be as simple as highlighting the value in question in a different color. I am unsure how to achieve that. Any help would be amazing.
  7. I don't have one, I could place the values on a Value List.
  8. I am wondering how one would go about listing missing values in a group. I have a group of records that are assigned a value in a field called Incidental, for ease of use, 1-20. I may have 12 records with the value of 1, and 3 with a value of 2, none with a value of 3 or 4, 2 with a value of 5 and so on. Some records won't have a value at all in that field. I need to know if there is a way to generate a list of the numbers between 1-20 that do not have a record connected to them. Is there a way to poll the records and get a list of that? I created this script: Perform Find // Shows only
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