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  1. Hi Haven't been on for a while. I have a question. Does anyone know how to create mutually exclusive buttons? I have 2 buttons/fields that have 2 different value list attached. I would like to be able to click on one of the buttons/field and to have the other buttons/field become inactive and visa versa and to then reset to both active in the next record so that I can then choose again. If I click buttons/field (1) I want buttons/field (2) to be inactive and if I click buttons/field (2) then buttons/field (1) to be inactive but when I create a new record then both are available t
  2. Got it worked out ......... very happy ....... thanks all pyorkie
  3. Hi Thanks for the info ........ it doen't have to be in a field .... just want it to show up on the layout ........ will read the items mentioned. Again thanks a lot. pyorkie
  4. Hi Anyone have an idea on how to display the Record number in a field? I want the field to display the record number every time I got to the "Next or Previous" (scroll through) record. Thanks in advance for any help. pyorkie
  5. Hi Wim 1. picture/file to open in an external program, for editing/renaming etc ... that would be great if possible. I mported all (6022) pictures/files into the container call "image". which is tied to the "name" and "location" fields. What I would hope to achive is .... to be able to open the picture in external program and then be able to edit. You guys are great ..... thanks for the continued help. pyorkie
  6. Hi all I hope that I've just started a discussion and not a argument ....... I thank all of you you've been a great help ....... and helped me understand scripts a little better. The documentation is not very helpful. Again thank you all ......... will let you know how I get on. pyorkie
  7. Hi Lee Sorry not quite sure what your asking ..... all the files/pictures in the container field are in different places on the HDD just to show I've included some screenshots of the different paths of the files/pictures (in the Family::Location field) which also show the names of these files/pictures (Family::Name field). As you can see that not all of the files are named correctly yet ...... that is why I want to be able to do this. As for the link it is great and I think I can work with them to do what I want. When and if I work it out I will post the script/plugin so that others
  8. Hi Mike I must be a bit dumb ...... not having much luck ..... tried all combo without luck. I need to get the info from the Location field (Family::Location) then to get the info from the Name field (Family::Name) join them together eg: (Location Field)\(Name Field) and then to open that Location and find the name ......c:\my pictures\(find)picture.jpg pyorkie
  9. Hey Thanks to both of you for your help. To Mike: I will give it a go and get back to you. To Lee: Just to open the folder then select the file/picture no real need to open the picture/file this can be done once it is selected/highlighted. It is basically so that the picture/file can be edited once found. Again thanks ........ your more than helpful. pyorkie
  10. Sorry I just asumed a plug-in. OK I will try that ......... thanks for all your help .... will let you know how it goes. pyorkie
  11. these are the screenshots from start to error. I run widows 10pro 64bit - 16GB RAM - 6TB HDD - 2.8Ghz CPU Just to let you know ....... I own www.sloanfamilyoz.net (I made it for my wife)
  12. Hi Thanks again. I have figured where the plug-in live ....... but I can't find any plug-in files. What I want to do is create a executable (.exe) file so that I can give it to my wife to use without having to install FM. This is the Family History file in my other post. I created one a long time ago with FM9 without problems ......... seems that I need to jump through a lot more hoop this time. pyorkie
  13. Hi Thanks for the reply. OK pic2 is where I get to now ... hopefully pic1 explains a little better where the items are. As for the scripts I have had little to do with this version and little in general. What I got now is (please don't laugh): Get Directory [$dir[Family::Name]; Family::Locatgion;Family::Location] I want to be able to click the red button (or anywhere) and have the program goto the actual file position no matter where it is on the computer and highlight it so I just need one click to edit/open/run whatever. Thanks for your time pyorkie
  14. Hi Lee Thanks for the info ........ watched the video and checked the help ..... but still doesn't help with what I need to do. To find some thing on your computer you need to go to .... example (c:>pictures>1920>picture1.jpg) ... that is 3 steps ....... what I need is to click once (on the button) and filemaker will read the location (from the database) go there and then read name of picture/file from the database and then go there, just to highlight the file name. I hope this is a little clearer ..... I know what I want but having trouble explaining. pyorkie
  15. Hi Thanks for the reply. OK I made a database of all the family history pictures my wife has on the computer (they are all in different locations on the computer (different drives and folders). I made it so you can search for the files which show up in the interface (location and the picture). What I would like is so that my wife can click on a button and the to have the file/picture/PDF/Doc open in windows, so that she won't have to go throught the computer and open them manually. I redesigned the interface with a red button next to the location. see screenshot. Thanks again for any
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