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  1. Hi Richard, Thanks your response. The videos are great and very comprehensive. I think I worked it out! The T05 are duplicate tables? So T05 is a 'name' of CON_CONTACTS and the subsequent ones are duplicate tables in the relationship?
  2. Hi Guys, So, I've downloaded Starting Point and also bought the video. The reason I did both was so that I could look 'under the hood' at Starting Point and understand whats going on. As I've started to investigate, I have noticed references to T01 or T14, which appear to be Tables not in view. Can anyone confirm that my assumption is correct - or am I doing something wrong? Thanks Neil
  3. Sorry foe the delay, this does the job perfectly Thank you!
  4. Hi Agnes, Yes, so here is the calculation for IF Statement: Then the Summary Field is in the screenshots below. I should add that QuotesProducts is a Portal inside a Tab on the Quote Layout.
  5. Hi Guys, I have an IF Statement which makes a calculation. Basically I have 2 multipliers, in CalculationField is an IF Statement that is Result 1 = X * Multiplier1; Result 2 = X * Multiplier2. The CalculationField IF statement works perfectly. But what I want to do is get a total of this. The simply way seems to be to do a SummaryField is Total Of CalculationField. But it's not working! Is it not working because the CalculationField is an IF statement, or is there another reason? Cheers Neil
  6. Hi Guys, This may not be possible, so I may be barking up the wrong tree. I have layout for a table where I'm making a bunch of master categories. I have created Portal inside this layout, with the current table of master categories. I've then the created a second table occurrence and relating the table to itself via the ID field. The idea is that in the Portal is should list all the categories Field in the current table, but it only lists whichever one is currently open in the record, in other word its not worked. Is it possible to get a 'list' of the Field within the portal if you're working on the currently table? If so, what am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  7. Hey Comment, thank you for this. I hate to ask, but do you by chance know if there is a Demo script that shows me a similar script? Sorry - I'm still getting my head around scripts, and would like to see one in action!
  8. Thanks Doug! I kept changing it to do another part of my Calc and didn't change it back. Fresh eyes are what's needed
  9. Hi Guys, Right, so I'm tearing my hair out over this one, as I just can't seem to understand why it won't work. Here is my calculation field: So I'm asking FM to get the date. If the date it larger than the due date (which is another calculation) AND the Paid Field is "No" then the invoice is obviously overdue. The alternative of "show nothing" it just as a test. So, the due date very clearly says 15 April 2016. The Paid field is "No". So why the heck is the calculation coming back as Overdue? The calculation is set to refresh, so there is no issue there. It's completely odd. That said the Paid Yes/No function seems to work. So if the Paid field goes to "Yes", then the calculation field, correctly says "show nothing". I'm sure its really simply, but I am completely stumped!
  10. Thanks Comment. I'm 50/50 on this. Part of me sees completely where you're coming from. But I'm also keen to keep my numbers as a Client may understand them. So in terms of your idea above, that's pretty easy - in fact even easier, as I can just use the ID and add the Prefix to it. Then it's sort of unique, I can tell a customer by the prefix, and the letters at the end are simply random - which can be sorted/found if needed. Turning to what you said about the unreliable idea (cringe). This is a single-user setup, so there wouldn't be two people making one invoice against a Client. With that in mind - have you and tips or things to read up to make it as per above, even if it's not reliable idea in a multi-user scenario? The way I see it is if I can get something basic off the ground, as I do more reading and learning on FM, I can come back and adjust it. Cheers
  11. Hello, So I'm a very much newbie, and perhaps staring to walk before I run - but I'm getting on OK with getting my head around things. Quite possibly the most complicated thing I'm adding to my database is a Serial Calc. The way it would ideally work is that each Client has a 3-figure Prefix unique to them. So ABC, XYZ and so forth. I have this as a Field. My next Field is a 'start from', which has Auto Data entered as 001, although it can be changed for the needs of that Client. Ideally, I am looking for a formula and/or calculation which does the following: 1) Compares the ID of the Client against the 'start from' number 2) Once compared, a calculated number to start the Invoice from 3) Continues to generate a +1 for every new invoice associated with that Client. So ABC001, ABC002. I guess the Prefix isn't important, as the Prefix can be added to the Serial quite easily. What I'm struggling to find is a way to get the comparison between the ID and the Serial Number to calculate what the new Invoice Serial Number would be. I looked at Summary Fields and then adding a 1 on to the existing number, but this only works when the invoices go up from 134 to 135 to 136 etc. Where as I am almost looking to compared ID+Serial then take away the ID and plus 1. I'm hoping that makes sense, any pointers and/or things to read up on? Cheers N
  12. Bingo, thanks lee Seems I need to get better at checking all the boxes and all the options!
  13. Hi Guys, I have the following fields: 1) Invoice Date (which gets the day the data is entered) 2) Term (which is a number of days from the above date the invoice is due). 3) Due Date. I'm struggling slight on the Due Date. I've made the field a Calculation. My Calculation is (Invoice Date) +Term. So, for example with a 30 day term, and the date as 02/04/2016 my calculated result is 736086 (it should be 30 days from 2nd April).......hmmm not quite the date I was hoping for! I've tried Data Formatting, but can't get the date up. Clearly I''m doing something wrong, and I'm sure it's blindingly obvious? Cheers N
  14. Ahh ok. Just to be clear, they are not duplicate tables, just to give the relationships an easier way to show. So if I link the orginals as per your screenshot (ie Client ID to IDFK in Invoices), this will work? Sorry to sound dense, I thought the idea was you could make table windows so that you don't have lines everywhere?
  15. Hi, It's under the second row - where it says Relationships? I've duplicated the Table Relationships so that I use the 'pools' section to copy from, and then use the copied version to create the relationship. Sorry Rick - not sure I understand the question?
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