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  1. That's true and makes a lot of sense. Thanks!
  2. Thank you. As always the advice is spot on. I need to learn scripting better! It was the fact that I didn't have the "" and the &.... so it worked in my mind. Also, correct on Global Field. I created the Field as a Global Field, for the purpose of searching only. Thanks as always
  3. Hi Guys, I have a Script running a calculation for a Find. The table is in essence as follows Item Percentage Find Field My Script/Calculation is as follows: I have an identical Script with text relating to the item. This works perfectly. For some reason the calculated field isn't. The input for this Find Field is entered as a decimal number (the setting of the the field turn it into a percentage). So if I am looking to find ≥ 10% I would enter .1 into the Find Field. When running the script, I am gett
  4. Got it! Thanks. For anyone else reading who experiences the same issues - I believe you need to: 1. Perform the Find in your Criteria 2. Sort Records I'm going to make a script that does this, and then when clicked takes you to the Print option - which should package everything nicely up
  5. UPDATE, ignore my first issue. It was because it was a percentage I was filering, so I needed to put in .18 rather than 18. Second issue I remain stuck with
  6. Thanks for this, I've ran into two problems: The first is that when using Find, inserting >18 I'm getting a message saying "No records match this criteria". However >0 works perfectly. Why is this? The second is that I have a nicely laid out report when sorted by Type. I have a sub-summary with with Type heading, and then the Body contains the vegitables and quantities. When performing a Find (as per the working one, above), my lovely titles and headings are vanishing, and I'm getting hard and fast data. I guess this is because Find it showing 'Body' only - but when creating
  7. Thanks for this will give a go. Should I be creating a Script to run the Find, so that if additional value are created - or that the Find gets reset, it can be re-instated? Or is it the case that once Find has been activated, it's 'locked in'?
  8. Hi Guys, I'm back, with some final (hopefully) questions on Reporting. Assuming the Data looks like this: I can create Reports from the Item, Type, etc that's easy. What I'm struggling with is the following: 1. Making a Report which is sorted by Type, but only where the Qty is above 0. So where Bread, Cheese and Crackers would be excluded. 2. Making a Report which shows the 'top 10' owned, and 'bottom 5' owned - based on qty field. 3. Making a Report which shows me the 'best' month (a) per product and [which month did I have the mos
  9. Unfortunately no cigar: This seems to be exactly as per your directions, unless I've done a typo. 😭
  10. Thanks, I should make it clear that this is a completely new territory for me. I really don't know anything about anything I'm writing here other than what you're telling me. So I am taking everything extremely literally while I learn this syntax. I simply don't understand the SQL side, I'm happy to learn, but it's a slow process. Turning to the calculations, I've made the following changes: and I'm getting Table Missing. Should I delete the "GROUP BY" command?
  11. Makes sense thank you. So with the script working, I guess I need to do a lot of learning on Scripting. So I've taken this Script added as a Custom Function. Easy. I've inserted it as a Field. Easy. But I'm getting the result below. Is there a straightforward way I can manipulate this to show me just the Number that is related to record only. For example in the first record Apple is the 'Type', so I'd like Items in April to show just 16. Also, if I change the date, I've noticed the quantities don't update. Do I need to add a Refresh command to refresh the calculation wh
  12. Thanks it's working, oddly it was the | in the calculation that was killing it? But I notice in your original you had it, and it worked?
  13. The plot thickens. I've opened up your file, and it's not sent over the Data Viewer info. Added the following and getting "Table Missing"
  14. Thanks for uploading this. I've added this to my Database, but it's not working. Have you Shortcuts which it is triggering through some of the above?
  15. Great, thanks. One final question on this. Is there a temporary fix I can use in the way of a calculation to resolve this particular issue? Totally understand the arguments on speed and efficiency - but also mindful that I want this database to 'work', and would rather have a beta with a slower calculation whilst I learn the BI and Scripting - than delay getting a beta version together whilst I learn something else, if that makes sense? Thanks! N
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