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  1. Good Day Greetings from the Philippines Im working on a subject loading system for a community school, As illustrated below, I have two layouts the first one is the layout for data input interface. The second one, is the layout where the operator can choose a class schedule and insert into the first layout. My problem is how to implement a schedule conflict detector in case there is one and prompt the user of the conflicts. Can you show me how to implement either in scripting or calculation method. Appreciate the help thanks in advance. Best regards, Pele
  2. Greetings from the Philippines Thank you very much for the insight. Now, I understand how it works. Based on the above example, pushing one active record to the obdc source. In the case of a found set, using the same INSERT INTO query how do I push multiple records into the obdc source? Best regards, Pele
  3. I have a table enlist_load_dtl, I want to use the Execute SQL script step to push data into a MySQL database through ESS. using values from a global variable. Can anyone help me, if my query is correct, if not appreciate the help . INSERT INTO enlist_load_dtl (studid, schedcrsid, coursecode, fromtime, totime, days, room) values ($$StudID, $$schedcrsid, $$Coursecode, $$Fromtime, $$Totime, $$Day, $$Room); Thanks in advance, Pele
  4. Hi! Can anyone assist me on how to accomplish this task. Im developing a Transcript of Record Application where it allows staff to print student records. I have two (2) tables, subjectstaken_hdr 2 and a child table subjectaken_dtl. Displaying the related record from the child table is easy in browse mode. But I find difficulty in accomplishing in Preview Mode. I wanted the printed output similar to an attached format. Ive attached my relationship diagram of my tables, and expect output format of the report. Thanks in advance, Pele
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