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  1. Thank you! I got it open, and I see your scripts. I will have to play with it to see if I can figure out how to set it up. Thanks so much!
  2. Oh! I don't know. It will not open for me. Is it because I have FMP14?
  3. Ok, I did that, but when I open up under other usernames, I still see the files, even though Createdby is properly attributed. Is there a script to set that? Sorry to be so dense. Finding my way with this.
  4. Hello, I have an error from the following calculation when inserted as merged text, in that it adds a "0," just before the rest of the merged text. I can't get rid of it. It was not present until I used the "is not" phrases in this calculation to eliminate responses that would not be appropriate for a child using an object-based schedule. Field into which the merge is placed reads: "According to the results of the questionnaire, <<Name>> <<scheduleinteractioncalculation>>." Output looks like this: "According to the results of the question
  5. Thank you so much. A kind gentleman at FMP even sent me the link to redownload.
  6. I had been doing the merge fields before, but had hoped to put them into popups to be called up on demand, rather than filling the page. Ended up building the solution without them, however.
  7. Thanks, folks. I ended up doing it all over again. Steve, your suggestion is intriguing. I have been doing it manually.
  8. Ok thanks. My issue is, unfortunately, that I have no CD to install it with, as I bought the digital download. Hmm. I wonder if I can redownload on the PC... worth trying! Thanks!
  9. Looking for a way to make it so that each of my users sees only their own records when logging in. As it is now, when users add a record, all other users can see it. Is there a way to do that?
  10. I purchased FMPro Advanced 14 as a digital download, so did not get the CD to install on a PC. I intended to use webdirect publishing for my solution, but that is not working out. Is there a way to do a runtime solution without the CD for a PC if I only have the Mac version? Any thoughts on how to get this done ASAP?
  11. Unfortunately no. I just redid it all. I just am so afraid it will happen again. Fortunately, I realized I could be a lot more efficient this time around so getting back up to speed was a lot faster than I thought it would go. I AM going to back this up on time machine now!
  12. I am beside myself. I got FMPro Advanced 14 and used it to redo a database. I worked extensively on the database fields, the value lists, and created lots and lots of calculations to create merged dialogues on the pages. After I did all of that, all by editing the pages that already existed, I created new layouts and used the button bar at the top and the tab-like sections below within each tab. I worked to transfer every bit of work I had done to the new layout and then deleted the old layouts. Each time, as we know, we have to move from one place to another, it prompts you to
  13. Ugh. I bit the bullet and bought FMPro Advanced 14. Love the layout options SO much. Now I feel like an idiot because I cannot figure our how to make a popup actually say something other than the title. There are options to create scripts, but no option just to display a message that I can see. I am sure there must be a script to do that. It strikes me as odd that FM's tutorials only say how to format them, and nothing about getting them to display a simple message. This is what I want coming up (with merged info) in one of the popovers: "According to the results of the questionnaire, <
  14. oh! Popovers is what I would really like, but I can't afford the upgrade right yet. I have been looking for a reason to upgrade, though! :-) What I have are buttons that guide people in decision-making for each question. Click on the question mark and it provides some guidance around the decision that is to be made. Now, however, I have a questionnaire they fill out and the recommendations are more specific. The dialogue is at the top of the page now, but I want it in a button or popover. It might say, "According to the results of the questionnaire, <<Name>> <<schedulein
  15. I am trying to create an option for dialogue to show up for users based on input they have provided. Rather than using up space for a merge paragraph on the page of the layout, it would be nice if they could click the help button and show the custom information related to each question based on their own input. When I try to set the button up to have merged fields in the dialogue, I do not see that option. I am using FM12 advanced. Thank you!
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