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  1. Hello, We recently upgraded from FMS 14 to FMS16 and one of our databases won't open via WebDirect due to the way it's named: the database title has an ampersand ("&") in it. This worked just fine for FMS14, but not for FMS16. The easiest solution seems to be to change the database title. I'm a little hesitant to jump into this because of a large number of externally held containers. How would one safely go about changing the database name (I'd like to change the "&" to "and") without losing the linked containers? In case anyone's wondering, I didn't name the database; I inherited it.
  2. Hello, I'm having a problem that I've been unable to wrap my head around. I have a database that records defect data by trial number. For example, Trial 1 may include 6 samples that I'm inspecting. Currently, I have a chart layout that I can chart the defects of individual trial against another individual trial. This layout has charts that compare the specific defects recorded. Some of the trials share project names (for example Trial 1, Trial 2, and Trial 3 are part of the New Additive project. What I'd like to be able to do is to chart the combined defect data for one project against another project as selected by the user. I'd like the user to be able to choose the projects they'd like to analyze via a drop-down field and the charts would be generated below. As I said, I had no problem creating the charts for one individual trial against another trial, but I'm not having success today. Perhaps because it's Monday. Any help would be appreciated.
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