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  1. The FMS service - off course.... Now why didn't I think of that myself Created a special domain account (not domain administrator) for this. Thanks Wim.
  2. Hi, I'm am using BasicElements BE_ExecuteSystemCommand via PSOS to run different commands and commandline tools for different purposes (PDF and image handling etc.) - and it works perfectly. However some commands needs to be run from an Administrator account or even Domain Administrator account, but FMS uses the NT Authority/System account for running scripts. How do I get around this? Is there anyway to change which account FMS is using?
  3. Hmm. Found out that server side import works from the FM server Documents folder only - and no other locations. I did try this earlier, but I made a typo in the path - my bad :-D
  4. Hi, I have a problem with server side import of records. I have a simple script which just does an import of a textile (with tab delimiters): Set Variable [$FileList; Value: "filewin://server/folder/1795739.txt"] Go to Layout ["files" (files)] Import Records [No dialog; "$FileList"; Add; UTF-8] When I run it client side, everything is fine. When I run it server side with Perform Script on Server I'm getting an error: The previous script step, "Perform Script on Server", could not be completed because of an error.... If I run Get ( LastError), I get error code 100 (
  5. Thank you all for your input. Unfortunately, I can't find the problem with this SM plugin function - so for now I'm switching to the BaseElements plugin, which also is freeware and has similar functions. Now I can run my batch files from anywhere on the server as many times as I like :-D I'd rather keep the number of plugins to a minimum, so if anybody out there had success running batch files on FMS (Windows) more than once with the SM plugin, please post it here. Maybe I'll give it another try then.
  6. Hi David, Yes. ScriptMaster will only execute the bat file once - until I restart FMS. Both RunShellScript and other SM functions does continue working. I can call RunShellScript with any system command instead of a bat file and it will execute (like RunShellScript("dir C:\")). SM plugin is installed manually on the server in C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Database Server\Extensions and enabled in the admin console. I've just tried setting up a schedule on the server and here the bat file executes every time as supposed. I've also tried to see if any processes
  7. How would I do that? I have narrowed it down to just one simple command (rename). I don't think the batch file causes the error - I think it's not executed at all. Update: After a server restart I've found out that the batch file actually does execute the first time I call it, but it won't execute a second time or more. Neither will other batch files, but system commands will. If I stop FM server from admin module and starts it again then I can call a batch file once again, but no more. No errors returned by SM RunShellScript. That is very strange??
  8. Yes, I've tried placing the bat file in both the Documents and Scripts folder.
  9. Okay. I overlooked that folder when I was checking, but unfortunally it doesn't work either. Maybe it's has something to do with permission, but both SYSTEM, Administrators and Users has Full control. Which user is FM scripting using?
  10. I'm not sure which folders you are referring to. There's no Documents or Temp folders in the FileMaker Server installation directory or subdirectories: C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server and there's no "FileMaker user" account on the server - if it's a user Document folder?
  11. Hi Wim, I want to do different things like PDF split/merge with command tools like pdfToolkit and image manipulation with ImageMagick (also a command tool). But for a start (just to test batch file execution) I am just doing copy and rename. The batch file is running fine when executed locally on the server. It has two commands and looks like this: copy "C:\Users\thomasbh\Documents\FM_stuff\A.txt" "C:\Users\thomasbh\Documents\FM_stuff\A copy.txt" rename "C:\Users\thomasbh\Documents\FM_stuff\A.txt" "B.txt"
  12. Hi there, I would like to be able to trigger FM server to execute a .bat file. For this purpose I use "Perform Script on Server" combined with SM RunShellScript ( "C:\dothis.bat" ; True ; 30 ), but nothing happens. The function returns ok (Executed Shell Command: ........) - no errors. I can easily execute a system commands like echo, dir etc., but for some reason not a .bat file. I have tried calling the cmd.exe prior to the .bat path, but it doesn't help. RunShellScript( "cmd.exe /c C:\rename.bat" ; True ; 30 ) My goal it to run the .bat file on the server, not in th
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