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  1. Script for pop up menu

    I have table Trainer Program Design_Templates. One of my layout, Add_Program Design I have 3 Pop up Menu fields that I would like it to show the data available related to each previous pop up menus then it should populate all the fields below.
  2. Creating new record Portal still shows data

    Hi, thank you guys for all the help. I am really new at all this. I am not sure what I need to change to make it work...
  3. Creating new record Portal still shows data

    The user: admin and password is bigsky72 There is an Add Client button that is just New Record to create a new record Thank you so much! XFile.fmp12
  4. When I click create New Record all fields should be blank. But my Portal, which has fields inside, pulls data from a different record. I am not sure why it is doing this but since it is a New Record all the fields in the Portal should be empty. Please any advice is appreciated.
  5. I have a table with field Trainer_Location and Trainer_Name. I want to be able to choose from field Trainer_Location (Club1, Club2, Club3 or Club4) and have the next field Trainer_Name show the related trainer's name. So example: Example 1 Trainer Location: Club 1 Trainers Name: John, Jason, Mike Example 2 Trainer Location: Club 2 Trainers Name: Julie, Todd, Don, Fran

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