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  1. Ha! Nevermind, I have worked it out! Once again, thanks for your assistance, Craig
  2. Hi David Thanks so much! That worked! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘ The issue I am having now, is how to correctly format text in the Message field for the email that I want to send, so I don't look like I failed grade 2. I am using a calculation and have figured out that if I add a space "Hello_" where the underscore is, then I get Hello Bob and not HelloBob, where Bob is supplied using &table::ContactFirstName What I can not workout is how to then start a new sentence on a new line, I have seen the Paragraph character --> ΒΆΒΆ in the side bar of the Calculation window but clearly I hav
  3. Ha! I worked out 3 & 4! Found a very useful tutorial from a youtube channel called fmbegginer.com. Still trying to work out 1 & 2 though. Craig
  4. Hi There. Thanks very much for your reply. I must state, if it is not already obvious - I am substantially less than a newb when it comes to scripting, so I apologise it there are glaringly stupid errors. I have entered the script that you offered, and have a few questions. 1) Can I get the PDF to be created WITHOUT needing to save it manually. 2) At the moment, the PDF is created and I am asked to choose where to save it, but it does not get attached automatically to the email - My hope is that I can do both questions 1 & 2 automagically. πŸ™‚ 3) For the subj
  5. Firstly by telling if it is even possible I have a customer contact database that I use to keep track of clients that use our services on an annual basis. We are event photographers, and we are not guaranteed that a given client will rebook us every year, so I need to keep track of who the current contact is, what we offered them and so on and so forth. When I eventually speak to the contact, I then need to follow up email with a PDF. I have created a layout that is a letter format that contains the fields that has offer details that are specific to them. I want to be ab
  6. Hi, I would like to be able to make a field containing email address clickable be some means or other so that the address is then ported to my preferred email client. Is this possible? I do not want to send the email from FileMaker itself, just send the address to the email client. Thanks, Craig
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