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  1. I just upgraded our FM Server and four workstations to FM 16 Server and FileMaker 16 User. I have been using FM15 User to update a solution in every way, including layout design since June 2016. The only function I could have used from Advanced was commenting out script lines, but I lived with it. FM16 User appears to have removed Fill Color and a few other selections when I right click on an object in layout mode. Is this correct? Or have they just moved that somewhere else? Or is this a way of telling us they don't want Users doing too much design work, so get a copy of Advan
  2. The main testing needs to be via the internet as that is how it is being deployed.
  3. When I open my FMP Client on the system that does not host the FMS files, I see the list of hosted files locally, as I would if I had my own local network. If I enter the server IP address in the FMP Client too, I can see the list of Internet hosted files via the internet connection. When I click on the Internet hosted files, the local versions open, not the Internet versions, as can be distinguished in the window titles. I want to shut off the local file access, I only want to access the files via the Internet.
  4. Sorry for the confusion. It, static IPs, has been done by my ISP, they just can't stop the two computers communicating as though they were on a local network. I may have to see if I can stop the local side of FMS by using the built-in OSX App Firewall. I think I have the right question now. What ports to I shut down on the server in order to allow only internet access?
  5. Thanks. I went for static IPs on both the client and server, both using a business cable modem, and all is fine, except, now I just have to stop local traffic access. From what you said that is probably a port issue too. I no longer have a router in the setup, and the ISP can't block cross talk between computers using the same modem. At the moment, I see one set of files on the Server via the IP address and another set of files on the local computer. Still looking here. Thanks.
  6. Working out exceptionally well, very few issues, mainly artifacts on layouts. Has given us the opportunity to refresh the entire look and feel of the solution. So I am very happy, thanks for your help, support and guidance.
  7. I think I may be trying to do something that is not possible. All I am doing is trying to do a simple, short-term test. I am updating a 20 yo solution that ran on FMS5 connected directly thru a fixed IP address. I have a dedicated Mac as my FMS15 Host. I am using FMP15 Client on different Mac. Both are behind my router. Local access to hosted files is 100%. I want to test host access via internet. I set my router IP address to fixed. My host Mac IP is fixed. I enter the router IP address in the Launch Center, I get nothing most of the time. Once or twice after an obscurely
  8. Fantastic to know that there is a multi-step path, and I do understand and appreciate there may be some finesse involved. I will read up thoroughly. My solution is not very sophisticated, so my simple approach may be a savior in this instance. Kindest regards.
  9. I wrote an MIS for an Industrial Gas Piping Quality Control Company in 1996 based on FileMaker 5 and FileMaker Server 5. I am proud to say it has run with very few issues (under 10) that interrupted business for more than a few hours over the last 20 years. It saved the business $1mill in staff costs and they never lost one cent on any bid they made for work over those years. The business is being sold, the hardware is getting long in the tooth, and I need to know if there is an upgrade path, multi-step as it may need to be, or do I have to rewrite the entire system? I took all thei
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