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  1. Is there an option to lock or password protect fields in a layout for just anyone making changes?
  2. I tried the example and great learning experience. I was going about it all wrong. But hey at least I tried! Thanks for the example! Kevin
  3. Yes and no! Same project different question. I have assigned Id's to everything and have it part of it working but had to add more backup techs. Rather then duplicate techs and backup techs I was looking for input on how it should be in a relation. Most Forums get upset when you ask other questions within the original post.
  4. I am putting together a database of All departments in a hospital and our technicians responsible for them. I also need to have 2 backup techs. The database for the techs will be them same techs as the backups. Right now I created tables, fields & relationships for each individual techs and backup techs and that seems like not a very good idea since it is all the same. I need suggestions of how I can pull this of easily especially for doing tech and backup tech updates. I have attached relationship screen and the database file. Thanks, Kevin Biomed Techs Area Responsibilities.fmp12
  5. Ok! I understand what your saying. I though I may have to assign a number to do the joins. This may end up being a growing database with more features later on. I will setup the tables and joins like you suggest. I appreciate you replying back. Kevin
  6. I am putting together a database of our employees and the areas in the hospital they are responsible for. In this I am including these fields 1. Department 2. Technician 3. Backup Technician 4. Extension 5. Pager 6. Cell Phone Number There is going to be many departments per tech but only the same ext, pager & cell phone# each of them. Should this be just a flat file database or should it be setup with relationships of each techs departments to them? I am not sure how to relate each technician to multiple departments.
  7. Hello All! Newbie to the forum! I am using FM11, How can I separate out this address field? 2323 Lexington Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211 I need to have Street, City, State & Zipcode in separate fields. I have tried some calculations I found from various places but didn't work. Thanks, Kevin
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