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  1. Thanks Jonathan, sorry to bring this back up but this worked till I got towards the bottom and the options were different than what was in FM starting point. I am on FMSP 5 and would still like to accomplish this or look at how involved it would be to create links (many to many), one person can be linked to other people. Kind of like Seedcode's John is associated with as his father and then Erick is associated with John as his son.
  2. What I would like to do is link contacts to contacts with a specific role attached. The example would be a family signing up for services, I'd like to say enter the mom, dad, and kids and then link the mom & dad to the kids so when you look up the dad/mom you'd see they are connected to the kids. Additionally, I'd like to add the role, so in the case it would be 'mother' or 'father' of the connected contact. When I tried to take the 'add connected contact' from another tab (say account table) it says it isn't related. But the question is, since I am linking a contacts table to itself, how would this work? Thanks!

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