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  1. 'Find Operation' Going Slow

    @Wim Decorte, Clone file size is approximaltely 8MB, I didnt compact the file size recently but it would reduce around 500 Mb in size. There is just one container field that is using data internally, rest is all stored externally. Problem with Search going slow was due to bad design, i was doing the search on same layout which was used to display different calculated fields from related tables, I have moved the Find Operation to another layout which is based on the the actual table. Results are pretty good. @BruceR, Isn't this the same at the start that we all make silly mistakes ? and every question seems silly untill u know the answer. I would rather try hard to become that 'experienced developer' one day.
  2. 'Find Operation' Going Slow

    Thank You @comment for the demo. I will have a look at the design again to simplify it, i took this from another developer and since it was working so i didnt touch it. Overall the database file size is near 4 GB now (with container data stored externally separately), plus in the respective jobs table there are total 115 fields. Overall this could be making search slower. Thanks again for your help
  3. 'Find Operation' Going Slow

    Hi @webko, Unfortunatley it does change quite often after the record is created.. so can't miss out on any change made ;(
  4. 'Find Operation' Going Slow

    Attached are three files: Script: The script used for search on main layout Field def1: main calculation field used in find field def2: base field on which the calculation field is based on.
  5. 'Find Operation' Going Slow

    hi @comment, Sorry for the confusion on this. I will try to clarify a bit more. The Layout in discussion is 'jobs' table layout and the calculation fields are there for user conveniece to display data from clients table. Also the problem is that user wants to have search on the same layout on those calculation fields. what i meant by getting slower every day was a little sweeping comment out of frustration. The search has gotten slower over the period slowly and it seems quite slower since the start of database.
  6. 'Find Operation' Going Slow

    Thanks for the comments. I will try to explain the scenario here to be clear: There is jobs table and there is clients table. Every Job has more than one clients like where we, pick up, drop off, client who pays etc. Now these clients do change as well during the lifecycle, someone entered wrong client or some other issue. I had to make these client types into jobs table as Calculation fields to update if something changes. The Search is mainly based on 'Search all jobs with same Pick up Address' or likewise. These target search fields are Calculations and hence non-indexed. I hope i have made my question clear. Cheers
  7. Hi Guys, I am having trouble with Find Operation getting slower and slower each day. There are some design consideration as per some articles i have read recently which i will be doing as well. I inherited this solution from another developer, Find is based on some Calculation fields which are based further on some other calculation fields (both calculation fields have 'Do not store results' option checked) I know its not the best of designs, i wanted to ask for any possible improvement to Find process as its getting clumsy now. I have indexed relevant fields though, data in the table isn't huge, around 2000 records with 50 fields but Find is based on unstored calculation fields mainly. Can PSOS be used in Find Operation? Is there any other thing i must do at the beginning. Thanks much,
  8. FMEasySync Push Error 852

    Thanks @bcooney I was able to find a flaw in the design while being stuck with this problem. Your commet was helpful in thinking me towards that direction. Cheers,
  9. FMEasySync Push Error 852

    thanks @bcooney, i think you are right. I didn't think it through. I will give it a try and search for any such file that may have caused problem while being pushed to server.
  10. FMEasySync Push Error 852

    Hi Guys, I had been using FM EasySync for few months now, so it had been working fine till now. Without having any change in the table structure, i got the error " The attempt to push data into server has failed ( The mesage recevied rom the server was "852" ) 852 Error is : Cannot write a file to the external storage I believe this is related to container fileds I am using. There has been no change in the Container field options. They are still being stored "Externally" on the server with Open Storage option. Also there hasn't been any change on Server policies as well. I have no clue as to what could have cause this. Anyone having idea about this ?? Thanks much.
  11. Sync Check Speed Improvement - Part 2

    Thanks mate, appreciate your help.
  12. Sync Check Speed Improvement - Part 2

    Thanks Josh, I am not currently doing deletion on Mobile side, plan to do it later and will use your version of Sync Check, it certainly takes lesser time. Appreciate your help and guidance in this regard. Cheers
  13. Sync Check Speed Improvement - Part 2

    Actually overall Sync is taking alot of time, i guess the bottleneck in my case is the internet speed at both sides, specially at the Host side. EasySync is taking alot of time so i re-deployed it by taking identical copie of the solution and then as both copie update, i am trying to make sure sync is done every 2 hours or less. Usually "Pushing Payload to the Server" takes alot of time, although there are not many changes on mobile side that are to be pushed. Mostly the update is on the Pull side. Occassionally it gives error of "Couldn't receive Payloa d Segements from customer." To improve user experience, i have disabled Sync check as i am not using deletion support in the solution yet. Just trying to keep the steps to minimum to keep this working. Should i be using the Sync check anyway??
  14. Sync Check Speed Improvement - Part 2

    Ye, i did. Actually copied the same object from your layout . Also the script "Clear Script Result'' has been added on client as well. just wondering if the variable $$use_psos_during_sync_check should be set to be on "Client" or "Server" it is currently set to "Server" in ping settings.
  15. Sync Check Speed Improvement - Part 2

    Hi Joshua, Apologie in advace for a newbie question. I am an accidental FM developer and newbie to FM. I recently started using FMEasySync on a medium size database with 10 tables, 2 of them having container fields as well. Number of records are almsot 20000 and usually there are 200 - 300 record every 2 hours to sync. It takes around 10 mins to do this operation every 2 hours. my eyes lit up when i saw your post, I followed the steps as you mentioned, created a webviewer on payload layout on client, replaced Sync Check on Client and Server . I am missing something here, any guidance would be highly appreciated. Cheers

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