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  1. Where is Filemaker support to resolve your issue? All they care is how to send marketing mateerial. Shame.
  2. Wim, my mistake. The outlook on the WIN10 is 32bit. My temporary solution is I will use Server 19 with Client 18. Client 18 has a 32 and a 64 bit version. Thanks again for you help. You are very nice. You solved me the DB files Open issue which now allows me to use Server 19. Thanks
  3. Hi Wim. Thanks for the response. Yes the WIN10 outlook is a 64 bit version.
  4. I get the below error every time I call the send mail call. It locks me and the only way out is to kill Filemaker client. I get this error for years now since FM 16 on all the x64 versions. Switch To..., Retry, and X do not work as it keeps looping. Up to now I was able to get around it because I was using the x32 version where the error does not happen. Now I am moving to FM 19 as the FM 16 version has an EOL Oct-2020. The FM 19 version comes only on x64 and I have no way avoiding it anymore. I thought that this will be fixed by now but apparently is not.
  5. Thank you so much. These are internal files that there is no need for security.
  6. Thanks Wim, Do you know the command line I can use to change the setting make it less secure? Thanks
  7. Just installed Filemaker Server 19. The DB files are all closed. Only the sampler DB is open. My DB files are coming from Version 16 and they are all .fmp12
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