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  1. Hi Lewis, Are you experiencing a large growth on a daily basis? Could you submit the following files at support@360works.com? On the folder C://Program Files/360WOrks/SyncData3_MirrorSync/FileMaker Server_x.x.x.x_FileName/, locate files like "mirrorsync.20170503T074732-xxxxxxxxx.log" with timestamp info on the filename. Submit all mirrorsync.xxxx.log files with the same date when "mirrorsync.data" was growing rapidly. Thanks.
  2. What you can do is, create first the new record with type = 'Server' on the hosted offline file. When the user downloads the file, it will have that record already. Next, proceed with the import then update sync4 field on the offline file. Thanks.
  3. This issue seems to be solve with the current version of MirrorSync 3.17. The client retries the sync in case it received empty response from the server. Thanks.
  4. This could be caused by field-level access permissions. Please double check the account privilege set. Thanks.
  5. When you do the import, be sure to uncheck the box that says "Perform auto-enter options while importing". The primary keys, modification timestamps, and creation timestamps need to match between the mobile file and the server file. Please check the below link out for more information about offline pre-population. http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_advanced_topics#Can_I_pre-populate_my_offline_database_to_speed_up_initial_sync.3F Thanks
  6. Hi- Doing an extra sync on the same LAN as the server is not going to speed anything up at all for separate devices that sync over a slow WAN. Thanks
  7. Hi Robert- If using JDBC with a WAN connection, it’s best to put MirrorSync on whichever end is going to do more write operations. The WAN speed hit for JDBC is much bigger for write operations than reads. Thanks
  8. Ivan, Restarting your MirrorSync instance can be done only from our side as it is hosted on a shared server. You should be good now. Please let me know when this happens again. Thanks
  9. Hi John, This probably works but is not really recommended. Please read the following links for more details: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_advanced_topics#Can_I_share_a_device_among_multiple_users.3F http://docs.360works.com/index.php/MirrorSync_advanced_topics#Does_MirrorSync_require_users_to_sync_with_full_access_accounts.3F Thanks
  10. Can you connect to MirrorSync if you remove the port 42424 like ? If you are not on the current version 3.17, update MirrorSync then copy/paste the new script steps. Thanks
  11. Could you download MirrorSync from our store here http://360works.com/filemaker-sync/ and try to import the file again? Thank you.
  12. Please submit a bug report by going to your MirrorSync launch page at http://youripserveraddress/MirrorSync then click on the link "Send problem report and log files" Thank you.
  13. If you are on MirrorSync Version 3, update to the current version 3.17. You can download it from our website http://360works.com/filemaker-sync/ and use the link "Download the current version". You will need to recopy/paste the new script steps as changes are on the client side. Thank you.
  14. This error message means that MirrorSync was not able to communicate with our license server for license key verification. You may check that your server has no issue with internet connection. You can test this following URL https://secure2.360works.com to see if you can reach our server. You should expect a page with a message "It works".
  15. Hi Carsten, If you have not set relationships between layouts on MirrorSync config client (foreign key mapping) then the sync order will follow the alphabetic order of the layouts. With relationships, sync order is different and basically MirrorSync will insert/update parent table before children table. For deletion, it is the reverse, children then parent. Thank you. Tsiry Ranaivoarisoa Apprentice Developer tsiry@360works.com
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