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  1. Script Personalization

    Thanks Tsiry, I just saw your message and I find my mistake during the sync process.
  2. Hello, I am evaluating mirror sync for my company and have some questions about the script personalization. I created some rules for syncing successfully, but my problem is that if I need to change the rules it does no work and I need to make another initial sync from a new file which is very long in my situation. Is there a way to initialize the rules ? Is there a way to create some personalize rules for pull up and push up ? Now if I clearly understand, the personalization sync will ever push up to the server but only pull up according to our rules ? thanks in advance !
  3. How to send value list to server

    Hi Joshua, When do your recommandation the "EasySync Settings Client" close the script after the line : #If there are no UUIDs in the sync tables... So I don't achieve the Server Sync Check Process Any idea ?
  4. How to send value list to server

    Hi Joshua, I think I am missing something, I run the pull script in debug mode, without PSOS, and the ES_Exclude calculation looks ok but all my records are deleted ... Here are the client and hosted files, can you tell me what is wrong ? Jonathan FM_Surveys_Mobile_jMod3.fmp12 FM_Surveys_Hosted_jMod1.fmp12
  5. How to send value list to server

    Hi Joshua, I think I don't really understand the way to use this exclude fonction. I thought that the exclude process was during the “Prepare Payload for Client" because of this : "#Add this table's fields to the SELECT statement. #Note: This is the SELECT statement that is used to select the data for the payload. #You can add your own custom business rules here to determine what data is sent to the user, by looking at things like the table name being worked on, the user / device that has requested the data, etc. Dynamically add your conditions to the WHERE clause." So I use the $$additional_pull_info, then edit the “Prepare Payload for Client" script to get back my value list in a global variable to do the ES_Exclude calculation. But I must admit that I have some strange results... Now I understand that you are talking about the "Process Payload From Client" script, and I was surprised because I thought this script was not include in the exclude process. Can you please confirm which scripts are used for this exclude fonction and need the $$additional_settings ? I also have another little question : if a user make a mistake and delete a record. This record will not be pulled after that if the ES_Device_ID was this user_device. Is there any way to prevent about that ? Thanks a lot
  6. How to send value list to server

    Thanks a lot Joshua. Your support to integrate fm easy sync is really appreciated !
  7. How to send value list to server

    Ok I replace the carrier return by another symbol and it works perfectly. Thanks !
  8. How to send value list to server

    Excuse me Joshua, I am not sure to understand what you mean about the end tag "</setting>". For example I saw that the the exclude action was done in the "Prepare Payload for Client" script. I can see that the parameter script is : Evaluation ( "EasySync_Payloads::ES_Last_Pull_UTC_Time" ) & ¶ & Evaluation ( "EasySync_Payloads::ES_Last_Push_UTC_Time" ) & ¶ & Obtenir ( IDPersistant ) & ¶ & $$client_version & ¶ & Substituer ( Obtenir ( AdresseIPSystème ); ¶; ", " ) & ¶ & Substituer ( Obtenir ( AdresseNICSystème ); ¶; ", " ) & ¶ & Obtenir ( PlateformeSystème ) & ¶ & Obtenir ( VersionSystème ) & ¶ & Obtenir ( Appareil ) & ¶ & Obtenir ( ProtocoleRéseau ) & ¶ & Obtenir ( TypeRéseau ) & ¶ & $$additional_pull_info What am I supposed to input in the $$additional_pull_info ? 1st list & "</setting>" & 2d List & "</setting>" ?
  9. Hi, In order to use the ES_Exclude fonction, I need to send some value list to the server for the calculation. (I am filtering the customers according to 2 lists : department and job ). Is there anybody who can explain how to send these list to the server ? I think I can't use the $$additional_pull_info because the list items are separated with carriage return right ? Btw can we have a debug mode for the the server scripts ? thanks and have a good day ! Jonathan
  10. "EasySync is go for launch..."

    Hi Joshua, Thanks for your answer, I understand now.
  11. Hi, Can you tell me how long is the step ""EasySync is go for launch..." on your solution ? When I try to sync with Joshua files (sync check improvement part 2), It looks very fast, but when I used exactly the same script on my solution I have to wait 20 seconds. Do you have any idea why ? Best regards
  12. Ok I'll check the script good day !
  13. Hello Joshua, Thanks for you answer. I will try to add these lines in my script. In my file I got several tables : customers, invoices, invoices data etc ...Let's imagine if I only want to sync the customers, is there a way to do that ? Thanks a lot for your help
  14. Thanks good idea. I will add it to my base. Joshua, you look very good with FMEasySync, can I ask you if it is possible to add a progress indicator for push ? Do you know if there is an easy way to choose which base must be synced ?
  15. Hello, Didn't know this message was about the ping. ( I thought about the speed connection... ) I disable all the launch script on my server. (I got a lot :-D) So now the server can ping quickly and I don't have this message anymore. At first I use the same file for mobile and server, but now I understand that the server must be simple and quick. Thanks for your support !

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