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  1. For the life of me I don't know why I can't wrap my head around this.. Table A Parent Record Table B Child record that is a selection of an item of Table A (This is a BOM Setup) I want to "cascade" down and sum up all the values of each child record but if the child had more "Childs" I need those values too. Basically it can be infinite.
  2. I have used Barcode basics for a really long time now and its worked great. However it doesn't seem to work in FMgo has anyone else figured out how to get it to work. It isn't like FMGo is substituting a font as its just Helvetica and that is an iOS default font... Any help would be great.
  3. I have a variable with concatenating returns so to preserve empty values. GetField ( "n_nonBillableScreen " & $headNumber ) & ¶ & GetField ( "n_Mesh " & $headNumber ) & ¶ & GetField ( "t_Ink Flash " & $headNumber ) & ¶ & GetField ( "n_Stroke " & $headNumber ) & ¶ & GetField ( "n_Squeegee " & $headNumber ) & ¶ & GetField ( "n_PSI " & $headNumber ) I then am trying to create a dynamic variable that contains this list as I want to loop and create a lot of variables containing this dynamic list. I seem to run into the trouble of it being a list and not returning a value. Where as if I just return a single value of one of those items it works fine. I am using this to set my dynamic variable. I am settings dummy variable $x which basically get set with the same data as $$head(variable) (I do not technically need to be setting it. If $headvalue isn’t a concatenated list and just a single value all is ok. Evaluate ( "Let ( $$head" & $headNumber & " = " & $headValue & " ; $$head" & $headNumber & " )" ) Any ideas?
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