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  1. I am using Insert From URL to send HTTP GET request to my server and get the result. I have a function PING that returns 1 if the server is online, but it cannot returns 0 if it is not so I am catching the error on filemaker : Connection timed out; the timeout value is 60 seconds. Is there a way to reduce this timeout value so the user does not have to wait a minute to know that the server is offline ? Similarly, if a process takes too long to answer, is there a way I can timeout the Insert From URL command ?
  2. Thanks for the file, it does exactly what I was looking for. I do will review the way the dictionary work.
  3. So the dictionary would look like this if the user selected English as his language: ERR001 ERR002 ERR003 User canceled action Memory error Device disconnected This table contains only global fields and there is a script that load the values according to the chosen language (There is another table containing the same messages, one record for each language, but we should not have to deal with it). The error table with relevant fields: ErrorID Description Message ERR001 Occurs when action is cancelled User canceled action ERR002 Occurs when the user's machine... Memory error ERR003 Occurs when the device is ... Device disconnected
  4. Thanks for the answer. I will note these answer for further development, but in my current project I really have to use a file that have the messages as fields. Can you think of any other way I could achieve it ? Here more description: I have a table that contains error messages in different fields. I can only add fields for additional messages in this table. The second table, in a separate file, contains a record for each error. I would like to add a field to this table that would reference the correct field in the other table using its name. I know this is not the preferred architecture but I have to work this way. The reason is that all displayed message have to be in a table that has a record for each language so we can easily add new languages Any ideas ?
  5. In my solution, I have a table that lists all possible errors, and each of them have a unique ID like ERR001. I have another file containing a dictionary table with global fields that corresponds to the error messages and are filled according to the language of the user. For example, this table has a field ERR001 that will contains the message to be displayed when error number 1 occurs. I would like to have a field in the Error table that is the error message from the correct Dictionary field, based on the ID of the error record. What I would like to do is something like D::$ID, where D is the Dictionary table and $ID is the ID of the error. I tried using getField but I could not make it work using a reference in another file. Any tips would be appreciated
  6. I agree with jbante. But of course, we have to make sure the source is reliable. Thanks, this is much simpler and works like a charm !
  7. I am using a custom function to format a number into currency format ( two decimals ). RoundDecimals(11.0) = 11.00 The problems occurs when I use a variable: $amount = 11.0 RoundDecimals($amount) = 11.11 Similarly, I get the same error using a string: RoundDecimals("11.0") = 11.11 Is there any tricks to get around this issue ? This is the custom function that I used (I replaced the comma for a dot and defaulted second parameter to 2): https://www.briandunning.com/cf/974
  8. I would like to use 360works Plastic 2 to integrate payments to my solution. I have a terminal and test cards for testing and the Gateway's support (Moneris) told me I had to initialize it from my software. Is there a way to initialize the terminal with Plastic 2 ?
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