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  1. In IIS, click on the machine name in the left (this should be under the start page) and then you can click on URL Rewrite in the menu to the right. There should be a MirrorSync entry. I've attached an image that shows what the rewrite should include if it doesn't exist.
  2. Hi- You might need to restart the default IIS website. The Mirrorsync installer should have created a rewrite rule but it might be worth checking for that as well. If you open IIS and click on the Default Web Site under Sites, you can restart it from there.
  3. Hi Bill- If the Cloudmail plugin is not located in the Filemaker/Extensions folder, it could be in the user-specific folder for extensions. This is located at 'C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Local\FileMaker\FileMakerPro[Advanced]\[version]\Extensions.' If you remove that Filemaker should not crash on startup. There is also probably a record in the Windows registry that you can remove that will get Filemaker working without removing the plugin. If you open regedit and navigate to 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FileMaker\FileMakerPro\<version>\Plugins', check for a record called 'Disa
  4. Could you reproduce the issue and send your logs to support@360works.com? Locations for log files can be found here. You'll need to make sure Filemaker has not been restarted since the problem occurred.
  5. Hi- When you tried the standard syntax, ie ScribeDocWriteValue( cell ; image), did you get any errors? That is how you would add an image with Excel. The 'addImage()' format is just for PDFs. What version of Scribe are you using?
  6. Are you running lots of operations with FTPeek or getting lots of errors? Is there possibly a smaller log file that would have similar events occurring that you could compress and send to support@360works.com? If the file is still to large for email you can use our uploader here. Another option is to simply reduce the amount of logging that the plugin does. You can either reduce the amount of logging by having the plugin log only more serious issues, or you can disable logging entirely. This will of course make it difficult for us to troubleshoot things but it might be worth it if it is s
  7. Could you reproduce the issue and then send the logs to support@360works.com? I don't think the !&= characters should cause problems as they are part of the spec for message ids. The logs should let us see if the full id is getting passed in and if there is actually nothing being retrieved. Thanks!
  8. You will need to move your AWS account out of sandbox mode to be able to send mail to unverified addresses. You can find instructions for doing that here. Normally that request to move out of sandbox is approved quickly and then you should be able to send mail to anyone.
  9. You could use the fmpro object that is available from within a Scriptmaster module. It has a function called 'getContainerStream' that will return an InputStream of the file in the container field you pass in. You can then write that input stream to a file. This topic has a few different implementations that should work for you.
  10. The path you give SC will need to be a direct path to a file. If the first option is a link to a '.pdf' file then it should work but if it is a link to a .php site with some parameters, I'm not sure.
  11. Depending on the URL you get back, you might be able to just pass it in to SCSetContainer as the 'data' parameter and have it save to a folder on your SuperContainer server.
  12. The comma will be an issue as it will parse the string based on commas. So it is actually looking for an email address where 'John Doe' is. If you need to have the names included with the address, you can escape the ',' by using '\",\"', without single quotes.
  13. Does the address have any invisible characters or things at the beginning or end of the address? If not could you reproduce the issue and then submit a bug report? You can do that from within Filemaker in the Preferences menu > Plugins > Click configure for the Email plugin and Report a bug. Include a brief description and also include the problematic email address. Thanks!
  14. You should be able to use EmailConnectSMTP( "smtp.exg6.exghost.com:587" ; "user" ; "pass" ; "tls=true").
  15. For those extra parameters, where you have True ; True, you will need to pass them in as key=value pairs. So like you have for "ssl=1". The needed parameters are going to depend on the mail server and I don't have any specific information on exghost. Once you have that set up, and if it is still not connecting, you can submit a bug report and that will send us log files that can help diagnose the problem. You will need to reproduce the issue and then you can go to Filemaker Preferences > Plugins > 360Works Email > Report a Bug.
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