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  1. Halfway through a Reset Sync the sync stopped with an "Error: java.io.EOFException" in the status area. Upon retrying and restarting MirrorSync, every action results in the "error unmarshalling return" error shown below. I can't create any new syncs. Redownloaded the config client but still the same error. Is there somewhere I can go to delete all config client related files and start over? I had set up a sync and everything went fine, syncing 100,000 records. I then modified the the Customization script in FM to constrain found records to some 2000. I then right-clicked my sync and made it Reset Sync Data, hoping it would get rid of the excesses. MirrorSync spent some time deleting records before crashing with the error message "java.io.EOFException". Sent a log report. Trying the MirrorSync config client from another computer resulted in the same error. I am going to uninstall and reinstall MirrorSync now.
  2. Yes, of course! Downloading v3 now. The prototype is almost finished and we are ready to buy a full license for MirrorSync 3 if we can get resolve this problem. Thank you for the help!
  3. Please let me know if this is a question I should direct to email support instead?
  4. Filemaker Server is the hub and MySQL is the spoke.
  5. This is about a Filemaker Server <--> MySQL sync setup. I have two fields, serialNumber and writeBackNumber, and an altogether separate primaryKey that isn't used for this part. If I create a new record on Filemaker, everything is fine. the serialNumber is auto-incremented on record creation and synced successfully. However, If I create a new record in MySQL, I can leave both serialNumber and writeBackNumber blank, but when the sync happens, Filemaker does not auto-increment the serial number and put it in the field. It looks like it's just skipping the auto-enter part altogether and leaving serialNumber blank. This seems like what's going on: Create new record in MySQL. serialNumber and writeBackNumber are blank. Click sync, 1 record gets synced to Filemaker. Record appears in Filemaker with both fields blank. Click sync, that record gets erased from MySQL but is still in Filemaker. Is this a bug? Do I need to edit the MirrorSync customization script to perform the auto-enter on hub (Filemaker) pre-sync and then copy that over to the spoke (MySQL) post-sync?
  6. What does it mean to maintain the relationship during a sync? How is that different from having two tables with foreign keys? Oh wait... did you mean in the case of a Filemaker to Filemaker sync, as opposed to a Filemaker to MySQL sync? I didn't think it was possible to translate the FM relationship into a MySQL one except by recreating them using joins. Am I mistaken? Thank you
  7. Is it possible to sync data in a Filemaker portal to an external MySQL database? For example, an invoice listing multiple products stored in another table (assuming I only want the information in the portal, such as qty, name, price). Or do we have to manually sync all related tables behind the scenes and then re-create the relationships using joins later? Thank you!
  8. With MirrorSync 3 set to come out at DevCon, what is going to happen to people who have existing MirrorSync 2 licenses? We're about to buy a MirrorSync license. Do we need to wait for 3 to be released first in order to avoid an immediate upgrade two weeks later? Thanks.
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