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  1. Halfway through a Reset Sync the sync stopped with an "Error: java.io.EOFException" in the status area. Upon retrying and restarting MirrorSync, every action results in the "error unmarshalling return" error shown below. I can't create any new syncs. Redownloaded the config client but still the same error. Is there somewhere I can go to delete all config client related files and start over? I had set up a sync and everything went fine, syncing 100,000 records. I then modified the the Customization script in FM to constrain found records to some 2000. I then rig
  2. Yes, of course! Downloading v3 now. The prototype is almost finished and we are ready to buy a full license for MirrorSync 3 if we can get resolve this problem. Thank you for the help!
  3. Please let me know if this is a question I should direct to email support instead?
  4. Filemaker Server is the hub and MySQL is the spoke.
  5. This is about a Filemaker Server <--> MySQL sync setup. I have two fields, serialNumber and writeBackNumber, and an altogether separate primaryKey that isn't used for this part. If I create a new record on Filemaker, everything is fine. the serialNumber is auto-incremented on record creation and synced successfully. However, If I create a new record in MySQL, I can leave both serialNumber and writeBackNumber blank, but when the sync happens, Filemaker does not auto-increment the serial number and put it in the field. It looks like it's just skipping the auto-enter part alt
  6. What does it mean to maintain the relationship during a sync? How is that different from having two tables with foreign keys? Oh wait... did you mean in the case of a Filemaker to Filemaker sync, as opposed to a Filemaker to MySQL sync? I didn't think it was possible to translate the FM relationship into a MySQL one except by recreating them using joins. Am I mistaken? Thank you
  7. Is it possible to sync data in a Filemaker portal to an external MySQL database? For example, an invoice listing multiple products stored in another table (assuming I only want the information in the portal, such as qty, name, price). Or do we have to manually sync all related tables behind the scenes and then re-create the relationships using joins later? Thank you!
  8. With MirrorSync 3 set to come out at DevCon, what is going to happen to people who have existing MirrorSync 2 licenses? We're about to buy a MirrorSync license. Do we need to wait for 3 to be released first in order to avoid an immediate upgrade two weeks later? Thanks.
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