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  1. Hey folks, Is there a way to change the Re-login[] dialog box that pops up so that instead of "Account Name:", it says "Account Email"? I've tried using 'show custom dialog' script steps for already added account logins, and that works with one exception. When they client forgets their password, and we go into security and change the password, and then "require new password" is checked. When the client logs in to change their password, it isn't requiring it and the clients new password is stuck at whatever we changed it to. So from that experience, I went back to the default "Re-login[]" script step. So, really, what I'm trying to do is figure out one or the other option here. Make a 'show custom dialog' box that will allow 'require password change' on next login, OR, change the Re-login default field description from "Account Name" to "Account Email".
  2. Timothy Ackerman

    Validating Field Data in Portal Row

    Fitch, this little solution just made my day. Woke up at 5am in a sweat that my validation script wasn't working for any rows after the first portal. Thank you!
  3. Timothy Ackerman

    Portal rows in a merge field

    Wim Thanks! Created a report, and it works great!
  4. Timothy Ackerman

    Portal rows in a merge field

    How can I create a merge field that contains the values in portal rows? For instance: Let's say I have 3 kids, and each kid has a list of food preferences, medical conditions, prescriptions. My kids are on a portal on the "minors" layout. Now, I want to put all of the kids data on a report for the parents. Kid1 -- (portal row1) Medical Condition: <<medical conditions>> (portal row1) Prescriptions: <<prescriptions>> (portal row1) Now, how to I list the next row in the portal? Kid2 -- (portal row2) Medical Condition: <<medical conditions>> portal row2 Prescriptions: <<prescriptions>> portal row2 And so on. Right now I'm using portals on my report, (Initial row = 2 with number of rows =1) but the fields don't slide up when the parent doesn't list something in say the prescription field, so I'm left with whitespace wherever the parent left it blank. My attachment shows my current problem using portals on the report. You can see that everything is set to sliding up. Also I have set to shrink the enclosing fields. Also, I have set to hide objects when they are left blank. If anyone knows why these portals will not slide up, that would be great, but I suspect it would be best to learn how to stick merge fields in that are portal rows 1.2.3... to make the solution faster. (tons of portals is slow) Thanks in advance!
  5. Here's what I did. I copied the Demo table, scripts, and even the layout items and pasted it all into my solution, which is called "Intakeform". I related the Demo table to my main table by creating a field called personal_ID in the Demo table, and relating that to my Personal Info table via agreement_ID. What I'm trying to do is create PDFs on webdirect. The only difference between what I'm trying to do, and the Demo database from 360Works is that I want to navigate to multiple layouts, save them all as PDFs and then append them to one PDF, and have it show up in the container field. I have that working in Filemaker Pro Adv, hosted remotely, and local to my machine. For testing purposes, I Filemaker Server running on my local machine. I am planning to move it to my hosting environment at Foxtail tomorrow. When I click the button on webdirect, nothing happens. When I click the button on Filemaker, it collects the layouts, saves them to PDF, and it shows up in the container field, without fail. I'm wondering if the problem is the port. I am going to try to hard code that, instead of getting it from the port field in the Demo table. So this is what I am attempting: hardcoding the port. Changed above IWP_Generate PDF script to hardcode port. RemoteScripterTrigger( Get(HostIPAddress) ; //We assume that FileMaker Pro client is running on the same computer as IWP, but this could also be the address of a separate processing computer 7244 ; //Selected port number. Needs to match the port number that the plugin was started on in FileMaker Pro Client "param" //It is possible to put anything here, which will be sent to the script as a script parameter ) And then I'm restart the plug-in on localhost. timothy$ fmsadmin restart wpe -y timothy$ fmsadmin restart fmse -y timothy$ netstat -a | grep 7244 tcp4 0 0 *.7244 *.* LISTEN Marthas-MacBook-Pro-2:~ timothy$ Still no luck. Webdirect first click, nothing shows up. In filemaker pro, everything works as expected: Then in webdirect, we see the attachment in the container: I need to make this work in webdirect alone.

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